Port of Prince, Feb 6 Radical opposition sectors announced their intention of mobilizing on Thursday more than one million persons in a new journey of protests against the government of Haiti.

According to organizers, demonstrators will demand that the judicial system takes action against embezzlement of funds of Petrocaribe, which, according to a partial report of the National Audit Office, rose to two billion 258 million 796 thousand dollars, between 2008 and 2018, despite over 70 percent of the projects of infrastructure were possigle thanks to the loan.

For the leader of the opposition, Andre Michel, the investigation at this leve lis clear and immediate action is needed in order to prevent that squanderers abandon the country.

However, he lamented that the report of the Audit Office omits names as that of former president.

For his part, the also activist contrary to the present government, Schiller Louidor, said this ‘will be the last action to end the dictatorial power of Jovenel (Moise)’ and said that several popular organizations will meet this Thursday in the streets.

For several weeks now, the opposition leaders intensified their actions to organize the anti-government protest, which will also boycott the national dialogue started by the present administration with the country’s political parties.

The most radical opposition announced at the end of 2018 their negative to sit down to dialogue with the government, and ask for the immediate resitgnation of Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant.

In the North, North East and North West departments, over 500 delegates met to, according to them, to agree on a new strategy to overthrow the party in power Tet Kale (Shaved Heads). Continue reading

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