He is the best athlete in football, but his greatness and great form come from his determination.

Cristiano Ronaldo trains all the time, he always wants to improve himself and be in top form, he even has a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

His physique does not reflect his age, which according to some sources would have the physique of a twenty year old.

No one can question his professionalism and his former teammates, even his coaches have always had anecdotes about him to show that he is an example of determination, hard work, and diligence.

He is often compared to Messi, who is certainly a much more talented player naturally than he is, but he still rose to the height of Messi thanks to his hard work and his mental strength. Cristiano Ronaldo does not drop anything and he still wants to win.

If his physique remains as it is today, he still has many good years ahead of him. Continue reading

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