Haiti: New President at the Court of Cassation

René Sylvestre, new president of the Court of Cassation, was sworn in last Friday, in the presence of President Jovenel Moïse. The appointment of Judge Sylvestre and six other magistrates by the head of state put an end to the dysfunction of the Court of Cassation, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

UN urges Dominican State to Take to Reduce Gender-based Violence Against Haitian Migrants.

At the 32nd session of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva last week, the United Nations Human Rights Council urged Dominican authorities to guarantee the rights of Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic. UN encourages the Dominican state to take measures to reduce gender-based violence.
High rate of gender-based violence cases, existence of extrajudicial executions, cases of torture, cases of racial discrimination against Haitian immigrants and deportation of residents and legal residents in the Dominican Republic,Alterpresse reports. Continue reading

Round Table on Seismic Risk in Haiti

United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with several Haitian entities involved in risk and disaster planning and management, as well as the State University of Haiti, organized a roundtable on the theme: “Evolution of knowledge and prevention of seismic risk in Haiti”.  The experts who spoke at the round table, encouraged officials to redouble their efforts to disseminate information on seismic risk and to put in place mechanisms and tools necessary to integrate this risk into urban development to increase the resilience of populations, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Haiti in Need of Blood Donations

As Haiti faces a blood shortage officials are calling on people for donations to reach its yearly goal of
60,000 to 80,000 bags of blood. Currently, the country has about 30,000 bags a year,
Radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Fifth Group of Haitian Migrants from Chile Arrived last week.

Following the Government of Chile’s voluntary return plan for immigrants living there a fifth group of Haitian migrants from Chile arrived in Haiti last Wednesday. There is no resource or assistance to help the migrants resettle in Haiti, le National reports. Continue reading

The Undertold Story Of Mary Ellen Pleasant’s Haitian Heritage

Few women captivated the 1800’s with great ambition and cleverness like Mary Ellen Pleasant. According to various sources, she was born a slave on a plantation in Georgia to a Vodou priestess from the Caribbean and the youngest son of Virginia governor James Pleasant. As a little girl, Mary Ellen was sent to work as an indentured servant in Nantucket. Continue reading

In Haiti, Teenage Girls Are Faced With The Harsh Reality Of The Streets

“Since January 2010, I have had to live on the streets, sleeping on the ground in public squares, begging, to be able to cover my most basic needs,” says 22-year-old Marline (her name has been changed, at her request). Like all those in her situation, she cannot shake off her fragile and nervous air when spoken to. “I live in fear because people openly abuse us.” Continue reading

Arms Trafficking Case In U.S. Court Spotlights Haiti’s Illegal Weapons Problem

A week after an Orlando gun shop owner was informed that that his request to export semi-automatic weapons, ammunition and ballistic armor to Haiti had been denied by U.S.. government officials, the federally licensed arms dealer fired off an email to a Pompano Beach ballistic armor company and requested personal protection gear on behalf of Haitian police. Continue reading

Immigration & Migration

In A Tragedy At Sea, At Least 28 Haitians Are Dead In The Bahamas

At least 28 Haitians drowned in waters near the island of Abaco in the Bahamas after the vessel carrying them sank, possibly hitting a reef.

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force said they were alerted about the tragedy on Saturday after bodies were found floating in the water. So far, there are 17 survivors, and the search-and-rescue operation remains ongoing, Royal Bahamas Defense Force spokesman Jonathan Rolle told the Miami Herald. Continue reading


Haitian-Americans Are Making Their Mark In The NFL

Do this on Sunday while watching the Super Bowl: Take your eyes off Tom Brady, the New England quarterback, and fix your eyes instead on the dynamo sharing the backfield with the 41-year-old star. That’s Sony Michel, No. 26. His legs will chop up and down furiously like a needle on a sewing machine as he tears through the middle of the Los Angeles Rams defense. Michel weighs just 215 pounds, but he runs as forcefully as a player 25 pounds heavier. Give him your spotlight for a play, or two. You won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

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