After the dismissal of Leonardo Jardim, Thierry Henry is the one who was chosen by As Monaco’s board to succeed him as head coach.

Everyone has always known that it was a risky bet to give him the reins of a team that is in such a precarious situation but the choice was made. Henry had a chance to prove himself.
While the various injuries of important players on his team played against him but largely the responsible of his failure is him.

During his 106 days as coach of As Monaco , he often showed lack of professionalism, he made bad tactical choices by placing talented players in bad positions, he lacked leadership to be respected not as the great player he was but as the coach he is today and the consequences of all his mistakes were catastrophic results and a negative balance that led to his dismissal and his replacement by former caoch Leonardo Jardim.

This first experience as a head coach did not go well for Henry.
We hope that missteps will serve him as a lesson and that he will mature for the rest of his career. Continue reading

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