By Bianca Silva

When Patrick Day, 26, prepares for a boxing match, or for battle as he mentions, he visualizes the eye on the prize. He stays in shape by working out six days a week, twice a day and training for two to three hours a day with his longtime coach and neighbor, Joe Higgins at the Freeport PAL gym where he also serves as a mentor to the kids who like the sport.

The Long Island native will be fighting in what is arguably the biggest match in his young career so far on Feb. 2 in Frisco, Texas where he’ll be battling Ismail Iliev in the junior middleweight division on ESPN+.

“I’m finally in big rooms and stadiums and theaters,” he says enthusiastically. “It feels great and my mentality going into this on ESPN+ is just to fully soak it in and enjoy it. Not everyone can say that they’ve boxed on ESPN before or that they’ve fought in a big arena on a big televised program. I’m going to be able to say both these things come next Saturday.”


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