Haitian Government Reports Increased Food Insecurity.

According to the Consumer price index (CPI) analysis conducted in October and December 2018, 6% of the population analyzed (386,365 people) is in CPI phase 4 (emergency) and 27% (1,872,616 people) is in CPI phase 3 (crisis), representing approximately 33% of the population analyzed. The majority of the analyzed areas (18 out of 21) are in crisis phase (PH3). The areas with the highest percentages of people in emergency situations are Grand’Anse, Artibonite and Ile de la Gonave, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Results of Petrocaribe Audit to be Released Next Week

Results of the audit of the Superior Court of Accounts on the management of Petrocaribe funds will be available by next week. In addition to the analysis of the 300 projects for which PetroCaribe funds were disbursed, the court should also check 14 resolutions taken in the cabinet of ministers on the governments of Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis (2008-2009), Jean Max Bellerive (2009-2011), Garry Conille (2011-2012), Laurent Salvador Lamothe (2012-2014), Paul Evans (2015-2016) and Enex Jean-Charles (2016-2017), Alterpresse reports Continue reading

Haiti: Creole Language to be Evaluated in Renovated Secondary Schools

Considering the importance of Creole as an element of national unity and identity, the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training decides that Creole will be evaluated in all the series of the Renovated Secondary, at the end of the four years of secondary education renovated, from academic year 2018-2019.
The Ministry invites school principals, departmental directors of education and the technical directors concerned to make all the arrangements for the full implementation of this measure, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Digicel’s CEO Called in front of Prosecutor’s Office

General manager of the mobile phone company Digicel, Maarten Boute, was invited yesterday at the prosecutor’s office of Port-au-Prince, the government commissioner Paul Éronce Villard. It is for the CEO of Digicel to provide explanations on his statement made on social networks about the fuel scarcity. Last Tuesday, Boute said on Twitter that “three gas companies are out of stock. And that all the companies will be out of stock of diesel in 3 days. Recurring crisis! Who benefits from the crime? Novum? BMPAD? ” the businessman said he made this statement to express his concern over the fuel shortage, which is becoming increasingly worrying, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Young People Wrote an Open Letter to the Head of State

In a letter co-signed by several young people of the movement, including Jean Rony Alexandre, John Auguste, Woodjery Dupré, Jouvensky Saint-Fleur, Vanessa Charles, the requirement is made to the Haitian leaders to take into account the need to integrate young academics in public affairs. Under the label of the movement “Anvlop jòn”( yellow envelope), they have expressed their concerns about the current situation of the country. In this open letter addressed to the head of government, they address several topics but accentuate on the need for renewal of public administration staff, le National reports. Continue reading


Redevelopment Plans in Elmont Highlight Quality of Life Concerns for Haitian communities in the Area

As winter comes halfway to a close, many elected officials are seeing the writing on the walls on a new plan to develop a swath of land in Elmont, New York. While a number of officials suspect the Belmont Park Redevelopment Project will receive approvals on grants for the initiative by Spring, some local leaders like Councilman Barry Grodenchik (D-Oakland Gardens) question the practicality of the venture. Continue reading

Haitians In America 

Haitians in America: Claude-Alix Bertrand brings his love for polo and heritage to the grand stage

When Claude-Alix Bertrand sets his heart set on something, he goes for it. Whether it’s taking his love for horses and transforming it into a successful career, or developing a magazine dedicated to the luxuries of equestrian life and putting the Haitian polo team on the map, nothing is ever beyond his reach. His dedication in bringing polo to the forefront has led him to serve as a Haitian ambassador for UNESCO, a sector of the United Nations which aims to provide international collaboration through education, science and culture. Continue reading

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