By Naeisha Rose

Feet of Rhythm, a Haitian folkloric dance company in New York led by Nadia Dieudonné, a choreographer and master teacher, had a bombastic showcase performance at the Appel Room in Lincoln Center for the Booking Dance Festival NYC earlier this month.

The captivating Jan. 5 showcase in Manhattan was an excerpt of the dance troupe’s longer piece called “Heritage,” according to Dieudonné, a co-founder of Feet of Rhythm.

“It depicts of the plight of the Africans that were kidnapped and brought to Haiti and their plight,” said Dieudonné. “Through there we develop a historical journey.”


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Naeisha Rose

Naeisha Rose is a multimedia journalist and graduate of the Arts & Culture and Broadcast programs at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She has experience working on independent short films, short...