Strong Winds Recorded During the Week in Haiti

Relatively strong winds were recorded in several regions of Haiti during the week. Radio Metropole’s meteorologist Rudy Victor says these strong winds will continue. These winds can cause losses in the agricultural sector. The dust they cause can be give breathing difficulties to some people. Strong winds were also recorded in the North. Winds on the north coast will continue to bring the waves of the Atlantic Ocean back to the shore. These waves could reach 15 feet and can cause flooding in coastal areas. Continue reading

Haiti: Two Day of Warning Strikes by Teachers

Haitian Teachers’ Trade Union Platform is planning a two-day warning strike on January 28 and 29. The strike is to alert state authorities of the malfunction of the Haitian education system. It requires better social support for teachers as well as the payment of their salary arrears. The platform brings together the Haitian Teachers’ Confederation, the Teachers of Wrestling Initiative Group and the National Union of Normals and Educators of Haiti, Alterpresse reports. Continue reading

Haiti: New Strategies to Combat Prolonged Preventive Detention

Dean of the court of first instance of Port-au-Prince, Bernard ST-Vil, government commissioner, Paul Éronce Villard, and the president of the Bar Council of Port-au-Prince, Stanley Gaston, at a press conference, presented a few strategies to combat prolonged preventive detention. The primary goal is to evacuate 500 files in a state to receive judgment. “Apart from civil and correctional hearings, 10 criminal hearings will be held every day without jury assistance to evacuate 200 cases each month.” Bernard St-Vil said. Agents of the prison administration, government’s substitute commissioners are invited to play their part, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

2019 Carnival Will also Take Place in Port-au-Prince

Le Nouvelliste reports that Carnival this year won’t only take place in Gonaives but also in Port-au-prince.
“It is clear that the city of Gonaïves can not receive all carnivals. It must be agreed that Gonaïves does not have the infrastructure to receive a million visitors. The carnival of Port-au-Prince will not be a carnival parallel to Gonaïves’s. There will be a national carnival format in each region of the country around a central theme “Ann chita pale pou Ayiti”(let’s sit and talk for Haiti), Jean Michel Lapin, Minister of Culture and Communication, explains. Continue reading

Migrants Return to Haiti from Chile

170 Haitian migrants from Chile arrived in Haiti on Tuesday aboard the Boeing 767 of the Chilean Air Force. These Haitians have chosen to return to their country taking advantage of the Humanitarian Voluntary Return Plan arranged by the Chilean Government for the various groups of Haitian migrants. This makes a total of 717 Haitian migrants who have already returned to Haiti from the Chilean program. Another flight to Haiti is scheduled for January 30th, le National reports. Continue reading

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