Day 2 Of Haiti TPS Trial: Accuracy Of Earthquake Devastation Questioned

The second day of court proceedings for Saget et al v Trump, a case that wants to challenge President Donald Trump’s motion to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitian nationals was even more intense on Tuesday.

One of the three new witnesses asked to testify as an expert on conditions in Haiti at the Eastern District of New York Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn on Jan. 8, was on the stand for over four hours as he elaborated on the many reasons he believes that TPS should be extended for Haitians. Continue reading

Pierre Marie Boisson talks About Haiti’s Economy

In 2018, the Haitian economy recorded a growth of only 1.5% of GDP according to the calculations of the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics with a contribution of agriculture up to 20.9 % trade, hotel, tourism (28%); buildings, public works (10%) and the transport and communications sector (7.3%).
Faced with this situation economist Pierre Marie Boisson noted that the bulk of the 28% of the service sector comes from microenterprises, while in the communications sector, he reported a decline in the sale of telephone minutes capped at US $ 20 million minutes per month (US $ 240 million a year) compared with US $ 30 million a month (US $ 360 million a year) a few years ago. For Boisson, communication, which is growing at a normal pace, is comparable to one of the largest import stations in the country, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

DR is Worried about Haiti’s Political and Socio Economic Crisis

Since January 1st, the Dominican Republic has become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Several Dominican political analysts believe that the worsening of political and socio-economic crisis is turning Haiti into a threat. The president of the main opposition party, Jose Ignacio Paliza, says that if special attention is not given to Haiti, the international community will have to expect another, even more serious crisis in the world during the coming years. For its part, the National Progressive Force said in a statement that it would be a serious mistake of the Dominican Republic, if it did not take advantage of his presence at the head of the highest instance to denounce the ecological and health disaster that makes Haiti a threat to regional and hemispheric security, Le National reports. Continue reading

A family Dies in an explosion in Southern Haiti

A mother, her two children and four grandchildren died after an explosion burned down their home on Saturday, January 5th, in Levy, the first communal section of Camp-Perrin, in the south of Haiti. The origin of the fire remains a mystery. According to local residents, the fire broke out around 9:30 PM. The police will launch an investigation into this incident, Radio Television Caraibes reports.

Update on the Clifford Brandt case

Former police inspector, Edner Comé, considered as the right hand man of Clifford Brandt, will have to answer questions about the criminal case next week during the businessman’s trial in Gonaives. Edner Comé, who was on the run during the investigation, was apprehended in the Dominican Republic in 2017. He is detained in Croix des Bouquets prison, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

Miss Haiti: An advocate for the children

Miss Haiti Samantha Colas, 25, of Port-au-Prince may not have placed in the Miss Universe competition, which was telecasted last month in Thailand, but that has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams and using her platform as a child advocate. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Garcelle Beauvais Reveals Why ‘Lalo’s House’ Didn’t ‘Shy Away’ From ‘Shocking’ Sex Trafficking Scenes

Garcelle Beauvais, 52, stepped out of her comfort zone for her award-winning film Lalo’s House, which is also an Oscar-eligible short film (the Oscars are on February 24). Set in Garcelle’s home country of Haiti, Lalo’s House is inspired by true events. After being taken from their home in Jacmel, Haiti, Manouchka, 14, and her little sister Phara must escape a child sex trafficking ring, disguised as a Catholic orphanage. The actress and philanthropist, who plays Sister Francine, also served as an executive producer on the film. Continue reading

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