Day 1 Of Haiti TPS Trial: Trump Administration Attempts To Dismiss TPS Defense Witnesses

The courtroom was packed Monday in room N6H at the Eastern District of New York Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn as lawyers representing Haitian recipients of Temporary Protected Status (TPS)  battled it out with the Assistant U.S. Attorneys representing President Donald Trump, who wants TPS terminated by July 22, 2018. Continue reading

UPDATED: Supporters Rally At Start Of Trial Challenging Trump TPS Decision

The fight to protect Haitians immigrants under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the United States is full steam ahead and resulted in a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and a rally held on Monday at the Eastern District of New York Federal Courthouse. Continue reading

Illegal Haitian Migrants Intercepted

From January 1st to January 7th, about four groups of undocumented migrants were intercepted at sea and on the territory of the Dominican Republic. This is the second interception in less than a week after the arrest of 124 Haitians (107 men and 17 women) on December 30, 2018. In the Dominican Republic, according to a census conducted by local associations in the region of Curva and El Convento, out of 699 people living in these communities, 590 are undocumented Haitians who occupy the abandoned lands, Le National reports. Continue reading

Haiti’s Results of the 2nd Edition of Health Services Benefit Assessment

Results of the second edition of Health Services Benefit Assessment (2017-2018) are known. It’s an evaluation of all health institutions on both public and private sector in Haiti. The results show that the various health institutions in the country put at the service of the population is a total of 19,195 providers. 8,202 nurses, the medical professionals amounted to 3,354 persons. Community staff consists of 3,972 officers. The midwife, a category considered by the WHO is under-represented by a number of 219, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Several Ministries come together to Honor Haitian Athletes

Ministries of Youth, Sports and Civic Action, Culture and Communication and Tourism honored Haitian athletes who shined abroad in 2018. This initiative is to promote the excellence and talent of young Haitians who give a positive image outside the country.
The honored athletes are Wilde Donald Guerrier, an international soccer player; Mateo Coles, equestrian sportsman; Redondo El Principe Richard, member of the National Amputee soccer Selection; Melchie Daelle Dumornay, member of the National Women’s soccer Selection; and Nérilia Mondésir, woman international soccer player, Radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Statistics of Victims of Traffic Accidents are Released

Organization Stop accidents recorded 226 victims, including 31 dead and 195 wounded, in more than 60 traffic accidents in Haiti, from Friday, December 21, 2018 to Sunday, January 6, 2019. Nineteen people died on site and 12 others at the hospital, including 7 children. 62.3% of the victims are involved in a motorcycle accident. More than 70% of accidents occurred in Port-au-Prince. Alterpresse reports Continue reading

Haiti: David Turnier Concerned about Fuel Shortage

David Turnier, president of the National Association of Petroleum Distributors, urged Haitian authorities to adopt provisions to prevent shortages of fuel. He said that petroleum distributors have no leverage to influence the acquisition of hydrocarbons. Turnier said that National and Total’s gas stations are out of stock, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Immigration and migration

A Boat With 70 Haitians On Way To U.S. Turns Around After Confronted By Coast Guard

The journey of about 70 Haitian migrants trying to reach the United States was cut short Sunday after U.S. and Haitian Coast Guard crews stopped a 40-foot boat in the Caribbean.

Officials said nearly six dozen migrants were on the voyage. Their freighter was halted 26 miles north of Cap Haïtien at about 1:30 a.m. Continue reading


Women entrepreneurship: A Sure Path Forward for Haiti’s Economy

History books in Haiti and all over the world will forever bear pages of the events of the January 12th, 2010 earthquake that changed how the world looked at Haiti and her people.

Almost a decade later, Haiti is still a stark difference to what the media has fed the world. We’ve heard that the aid agencies significantly reduced health challenges, starvation, poverty and every different situation the country faced at the time. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Haitian actor to play lead in new play tackling mental health

A Haitian-American actor is playing a lead character in the premiere of a new production debuting at The Bridge Theater on Jan. 16. Brooklyn raised actor, Nixon Cesar, plays a soldier back home, and fresh from a tour in Iraq in “Master of the Crossroads.” Continue reading

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