Drug Traffickers Exploit Haiti While Amassing $10 Billion Under U.S. Scrutiny

Haiti officials and elites have been making headlines for years when it comes to drug trafficking, but what happens when $10 billion dollars becomes a bit of a problem? Continue reading

Plaintiff Speaks Out On Wire Transfer Fraud Lawsuit Involving Former Haitian Officials

When Odlion Celestin, 43, sends money to his family in Haiti from his residence in Miami, he always believed that the $1.50 wire transfer fee enacted by former President Michel Martelly in 2011 would help pay for his family’s education. Continue reading

Haiti: Yves Leonard’s Case of Assault Against Tabarre’s Mayor Continues

Charged with kidnapping, attempted murder and assault on his girlfriend Nice Simon, mayor of Tabarre, Yves Leonard will be punished by a correctional sentence. On December 28, 2018, the investigating judge of the court of first instance of Croix-des-Bouquets, in charge of this case, Wando Saint-Villier, revoked two of the charges against him for insufficient evidence: sequestration and attempted murder. However, the investigating judge indicated that he has sufficient evidence against Léonard to convict him for assault, beatings and injuries, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Rising Imports Negatively Impact Haitian Currency.

Baden Dubois, the Governor of Haiti’s Central Bank, says that imports of petroleum products are greater than 100 million US dollars. Imports of hydrocarbons are higher than all other imports of products that are close to $ 60 million. Dubois insists on the need to increase agricultural production to curb the accelerated depreciation of the gourde, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Electrical Shortage Protest Turned Violent

Many Cap Haitien protested last week to demand electricity in the country’s second largest city.
According to news reports the protest turned violent. Radio Television Caraibes reported gunshots, rocks and bottles thrown. Continue reading

Partial Report on the PetroCaribe Case to be released end of the month

General coordinator of the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights, Pierre Espérance, said that the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes will provide a partial report on the Petrocaribe file that will be available at the end of this month. The final report can not be provided on schedule because some ministries have refused to provide investigators documents related to various PetroCaribe projects, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Police Arrest Suspects Involved in Limbé Incident

The police have arrested five people in connection with the violence that erupted in Limbe two weeks ago.

The suspects, Newton Isaac Louis, aka Ti Pierre, Youvens Déronvil, Lony Charles, Sonama and Hérold Girole, are currently in jail according to the spokesman of the police institution of the North. The police are still looking for six other suspects, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading


Sean Penn’s charity gala raises $3.5 million for Haiti and other communities

From onstage at Saturday’s Community Organized Relief Effort gala at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, host Sean Penn cited two cardinal rules of fundraising, starting with, “Don’t bum out the crowd.”

After ticking off the world’s challenges, including Russia’s hyper-sonic nuclear weapons, leaders who politicize the global economy, a rapidly changing climate, plus lies, greed, rage, sexism, racism and a drug epidemic, he admitted, “I know I’ve broken rule No. 1.” Continue reading

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