Port-au-Prince, Haiti

By Ed Gehy

Imagine 2019 is the year when Haiti would finally decide to uphold the same creeds which guided our ancestors some 200 years ago and stop being a laughing stock on the international stage.  

Imagine 2019 is the year when the state apparatus is equipped with capable citizens and that widespread incompetence would become a thing of the past, and the country’s parliamentary body would consist of men and women, driven by a shared common goal and guided by a shared purpose, who would put the country’s interests first.

Imagine 2019 is the year when Haitian politicians running for public office do so by love of country, and not because they see politics as the only way for personal success.

Imagine 2019 is the year Haiti would finally be capable of having the right mechanism in place to  assess and regulate the state activities so that credible elections could be organized by and for Haitians free of foreign interference.

Imagine 2019 is the year Haiti decides to turn from its old ways and rid itself of this institutionalized and endemic corruption that has been systematically established in all state institutions.

Imagine 2019 is the year international aid dependency becomes a thing of the past; the country is able to stand on its own where Haitians would no longer have the need to go to neighboring Dominican Republic to live the most humiliating ways of life.

Imagine 2019 would be the year Haiti decides to invest in literacy so much so that the country’s electorate would be educated enough to choose its elected officials wisely and hold them accountable through their votes.

Imagine …  the populace would somehow refuse to accept the status quo for what they are, rather envision what they could have been.

While I understand these views may be subject to be dismissed as just a utopia, they are nevertheless my heartfelt sentiments and wishes for the country. I am hereby appealing to all those who long for the day to see this country getting back to its former glories to come together and work for the greater good. Imagine that…

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