Former Haitian Officials Accused of Wire Fraud.

Lawsuit alleges Haitian government and wire transfer companies like Western Union, Unitransfer and CAM defrauded the Haitian Diaspora out of millions of dollars through $1.50 fee on money transfers to Haiti Continue reading

Haiti’s National Police Release 2018 Crime Statistics

Deputy spokesman Gary Desrosiers says in a press conference that from October to December 2018, the National Police of Haiti arrested 96 people and seized 8 firearms. 14 cars, 3 boats, 4 motorcycles, 1 rowboat, 6.933 kilos of marijuana, 104 kilos of cocaine as well as sums of money were also confiscated. Five cases of kidnapping and sequestration for ransom and 5 other cases of rape were recorded during this period, Alterpresse Reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Medecins Sans Frontiere Closes a Clinic

On December 31 of 2018, the trauma center of Medecins sans frontiere in Tabarre has closed its doors.
However, the institution will continue to treat people who are hospitalized and continue their treatment until healed. For complex cases that would require re-operation, there will be a follow-up. No date was chosen for the definitive closure. Medecin sans frontiere will remain in Martissant, Port-à-Piment and Delmas, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Jovenel Moïse Calls for Legislative Elections

Jovenel Moise on the occasion of Independence Day on January 1st gave a speech at Gonaives… In 2019, the country will have to organize parliamentary elections.. Parliament will have to rule on the principle of amending the constitution. 2019 will also be the year of inter Haitian dialogue, sacred agreement and patriotic concord, estimates the president, Le Nouvelliste reports.

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Miami has plenty to offer when it comes to Caribbean cuisine. But, just where can you find the best Haitian food? Here are just a few of the Haitian restaurants you’ll want to check out. Continue reading

Haitians In America

Haitians In America: Singer-Songwriter Embraces Haitian Heritage Through Music

Zama speaks to the Haitian Times on embracing her heritage through her music and what is like working in the music industry.What inspired you to pursue music for a living? Continue reading

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