Haiti And Her Diaspora: 2018 A Year In Pictures

Take a look back at what 2018 had in store for Haiti and her Diaspora, through the camera lens. Continue reading
Haiti Talks: Guerline Jozef And The 7,000 Miles Of Hope
Guerline Jozef of Haitian Bridge Alliance talks about the “7,000 miles of hope” Haitian migrants embark that takes them from Brazil to Mexico in the hopes of finding a better life in the United States. Continue reading
The Nemours Jean-Baptiste Music School honors Le Nouvelliste
Nemours Jean-Baptiste Music School presented a plaque to Max Chauvet, director of Le Nouvelliste, to honor the newspaper’s continued dedication to preservering and enhancing Haitian culture.  I’ve been a fan Nemours since I was 14 years old, Chauvet said. “He is a great musician and it gives me pleasure to see that the foundation continues his work.” Continue reading

US reaffirms commitment to working with Haiti

In a statement on the occasion of the 215th anniversary of Haiti’s independence, the United States reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening relations between the two countries. “The United States wishes the people of Haiti a happy Independence Day celebration and a new year filled with peace, prosperity and opportunity,” it said in the statement. “US authorities are eager to continue their partnership with Haiti to strengthen economic growth, the rule of law and security. Today, the United States continues to stand with Haiti to ensure a stable and prosperous future. To this end, the United States encourages all Haitians to join together to pursue progress by peaceful means.” Continue reading

Haiti to participate in Special Olympics 2019 in the United Arab Emirates
A delegation of 24 people will represent Haiti at the Special Olympics World Games, which will be held from March 14  – March 21 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Sixteen athletes, will participate in football, track and field and horse riding.  Continue reading
Diaspora Should Protest Grift In Haiti By Withholding Remittances

The #KotKobPetroCaribe movement started innocently enough by a group of young people who wanted to hold government officials accountable for debt being incurred that they would have to repay.

The Twitter-led movement had initially baffled me because it felt inauthentic. But, it was indeed very heartfelt. I spoke to several people, including fellow journalists who reassured me that this was a legitimate grassroots movement. The movement’s leaders realized that a novel, apolitical and peaceful approach was needed to hold the government accountable. Continue reading

Health & Science
‘We have a shower for pain relief’: can Haiti’s young midwives save a new generation?
Sylvie Delice was born on a hot, slow March afternoon in a clinic in Marigot, a coastal town in south Haiti. The labour was seven hours; her mother, Natalie, 24, a seamstress, was stoic throughout, helped by two midwives in pale pink scrubs. Sylvie arrived strong and healthy, and was named after her mother’s cousin. Natalie recovered well and went home the next day. There was nothing unusual about Sylvie’s birth – yet it was far from typical. Continue reading
Immigration & Migration
Haitians being duped to travel to Barbados
The removal of the visa requirement for Haitians coming to Barbados has resulted in a major scam where Haitians are being duped out of thousands of dollars with the hope of finding a job here.

However, Barbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM David Comissiong has given the assurance that they are on top of the situation after it was found that scores of Haitians have come to Barbados since the floodgates opened. Continue reading


Why Haiti should be on your 2019 travel list

It was on January 1, 1804 when Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared Saint Dominigue– a French colony on the Hispaniola Island- an independent country and renamed it Haiti. The independence came after the Haitian Revolution that is now considered the largest and most successful slave rebellion in the Western Hemisphere.

It is against such events and many others that have made Haiti a country full of cultural and historical wealth and coupled with its natural resources, one of the top destinations for 2019. Continue reading

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