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Haitian Times News Roundup – Dec. 26


Haiti: Moise Calls for Calm in Christmas Address

President Jovenel Moïse in his end-of-the-year message said the country’s political leaders should promote harmony as Haiti faces a political impasse.

The president promised to increase social assistance programs and environmental protection as a mean to move the country forward, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Thirteen residents of La Saline Seek for Justice

A group of thirteen residents of La Saline has lodged a complaint with the investigating chamber following a spate of killings last month.

They call on justice officials to investigate the incidents and the role that some politicians have played to instigate the killings, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

EU ambassador Underscores Importance of Civil Society in Haitian Democracy

Ambassador of the European Union in Haiti, Vincent Degert, said that a vibrant civil society is key to the democratic process in Haiti.

Degert added that the EU supports the actions of civil society in Haiti, so that the country’s democracy can become more dynamic, autonomous and participatory, Alterpresse reports. Continue reading

Taiwan Loans Haiti $150 million

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship Bocchit Edmond made a 48-hour official visit to Taiwan on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 to sign a $150 million loan agreement. This loan from Taiwan to aims to help Haiti improve its electricity grid, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading


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