The year is coming to an end! Take a look back at the most popular articles of 2018 that you can only find on the Haitian Times.

5 Boston Restaurants For Tasty Haitian Cuisine

If you’re craving something Haitian, then you must indulge in Haiti’s most loved dishes. These classic Haitian cuisines are far from ordinary. When you are in the Boston area, these are the best places to satisfy your appetite.   Continue reading

Spirit Airlines Disrupts American Airlines Haiti Monopoly With New Service To Cap Haitien

“Travel to Cap-Haitien has been limited to one carrier, not lending itself to competition or choice,” said Spirit Airlines spokesman Derek Dombrowski.  Until recently, American Airlines was the only carrier that served Cap-Haitien. “By investing in Haiti, we are giving options to the country and Haitian community here in South Florida.” Continue reading

Haitian Scholar Looks To Chronicle New York Haitian Community

Beyond the need for cultural awareness, Saint Paul thinks it’s vital that a different voice be heard when Haiti is discussed. He sees the Institute as playing part of that role: “The mainstream outlets will tell you about Haiti when there’s a catastrophe, but they will never tell you about stability in Haiti. It’s like Haiti has never been a country with a stable day-to-day life,” Saint Paul said. “It’s vital to use the Institute to show a counter narrative to this: beyond stigma and charity and disaster.” Continue reading

Twitter Founder’s Message To Haiti Tech Summit Attendees: ‘Don’t Wait For The US. Build Here.’

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square, headlined the 2nd Annual Haiti Tech Summit on June 22. The social media tech giant shared insight on his success and offered advice on how entrepreneurs in emerging markets, like Haiti, can push forward with their ideas and lead innovation. Continue reading

Illinois Elects First Haitian-American Attorney General ​

Election night saw some big gains for the Democratic Party, including a historic win in Illinois with the election of Senator Kwame Raoul as the first Haitian American elected attorney general in the state. Continue reading

PetroCaribe: Twitter Campaign Highlights Corruption In Haiti

A few hundred demonstrators participated in a sit-in in front of the high court of auditors in the Haitian capital Friday, August 24, 2018, to protest the embezzlement of $2 billion of Petrocaribe funds. Continue reading

3 Things To Know About Naomi Osaka

Christopher Griffith for The New York Times. Styling by Paul Frederick; hair by Yoichi Tomizawa; makeup by Lennie Billy.

Haitian-Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has gained widespread attention and admiration in the Haitian community. On Saturday, 20-year-old Osaka defeated her childhood idol Serena Williams during the U.S. Open Women’s Final. Here are three things to know about the tennis star bringing pride to Haitians across the world. Continue reading

Diaspora Should Protest Grift In Haiti By Withholding Remittances

Many of those demanding for justice fail to realize that private sector officials are as complicit in this sordid affair as their government counterparts. To bring some semblance of justice, you would have to have respect for the rule of law and allow the system to take its course. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist in Haiti. Continue reading

American Airlines To Reduce Direct Flights To Haiti

American Airlines gate at Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince.

After providing over 40 years of service to Haitian passengers, American Airlines (AA) is reducing its direct flights to Haiti’s capital. Continue reading

Haitians In France: A First Look Into Their Lives And Community

Chaville, France

What is unusual about Haitians in France are the many gaps in the public’s understanding as to their place in French society. This is odd because Haiti and France are so deeply connected. Unlike Miami and New York, Paris has no Little Haiti. Few permanent community centers welcome Haitians here. No university in France is home to a Haitian studies institute. Continue reading

Little Haiti Is Here. Now What?

After months of negotiations, the controversial Little Haiti is officially a reality. However, while local leaders and elected officials celebrate the political win, those on the ground are asking “now what?” Continue reading

The Never-Ending Search For Home: One Haitian Family’s Journey Through The Americas For A Place To Call Home

For decades now, millions of Haitians have left their country in search of better opportunities. The Haitian diaspora as we know it can be traced back to the American occupation of the island during the First World War, explained José C. Moya, Director of the Institute for Latin American Studies at Columbia University. That was followed by political instability during the Duvalier dictatorship and worsened by the earthquake, which devastated an already poor country. Continue reading

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