Haiti: Importance of Manual Profession Emphasized

Last week the Rinaldi Foundation and the Salesian Network for Vocational Training in Haiti closed a conference on the importance of learning a manual skill around the theme: “Ak 2 men m, demen m klè” ( With my hands, my future is bright). The goal is to change the mentality of the Haitian society on manual profession. Officials say they want to raise awareness and change the perception of people who look down on manual laborers,Le National reports. Continue reading

Haiti : The Episcopal Conference Makes some Recommendations

With this holiday season marked by the great evils that affect the country: failure of state institutions, escalation of violence, armed gangs, widespread corruption, arrogant impunity, mistrust, disrespect for the sanctity of life… Thus, the members of the episcopal conference recommend to elected officials to renounce to the undue and extravagant privileges; To the members of the judiciary that they must make the rule of law and justice in a decried and reputed corrupt system; To the leaders of the political parties, that the power is a service; To the members of the civil society to work honestly for its development, to contribute to the transformation of society, Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Haiti : Deputy Threatens to Sue Senator Joseph Lambert

Senate president, Joseph Lambert, accused deputy Printemps Belizaire of helping a gang leader of Village de Dieu escape during a police operation. In return, Deputy Belizaire has threatened to sue senator Lambert if he does not apologize publicly, Alterpresse reports. Continue reading

Haiti : Economist Kesner Pharel Speaks on Finance Bill

CEO of the Growth Group, the economist Kesner Pharel, presented the contours of the country’s budget of 172.8 billion gourdes in which domestic resources represent 67 %, donations 17% and funding around 17%.
“There is a choice to make. We spend too much on the operation and not enough in terms of investments. We can do better and we must do better because the population will not wait,” said Kesner Pharel, noting that only 15% of domestic revenue in this budget will go to social investment, against less than 10 % in the amending budget. “This revenue should reach more than 20% to reduce social tensions and stabilize the Haitian economy in a way,” says the head of the Group Growth, Radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Haiti : Port-au-Prince to Increase Tax Base

City officials have hired three foreign firms to expand its tax base. This private-public partnership should allow town hall to be autonomous and better serve the population of Port-au-Prince, according to officials.
They plan to levy taxes on newly built property, rental taxes and other means to increase revenue. Collecting taxes will be made easier using technology to send and collect bills, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Haitian Cuisine Takes The Spotlight At The United Nations

When Best Dressed Plate organizer Nneka Nurse looked into holding an event paying homage to Caribbean cuisine, she decided to make a big leap.

“It came to me. ‘Where are you going to do it Nneka?’ and I said to myself: ‘You know what, it makes sense. I’m going to try the United Nations (UN) because the United Nations is a place of the meeting of all of the nations coming together and what better way to do that than through food, the universal language.’” Continue reading

Health & Science

Out of sick teen’s cancer ordeal, Haiti doctors find a new way

Djooly Jeune, the Haiti teen who is battling Burkitt’s lymphoma in a poverty-stricken country where there are few treatment options for cancer, began a new round of chemotherapy Tuesday just as two of the country’s leading cancer treatment programs have agreed to collaborate on future pediatric cases. Continue reading

New York

Haitians, Jews, Muslims Come Together For Unity in Action Holiday Party

Over 400 people filled and partied at the Bridge Multicultural Advocacy Project Center, 1894 Flatbush Avenue, on Sunday for its “Annual Unity In Action  Event,” honoring the international and diplomatic communities of Haiti and, Israel. Continue reading

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