Chef Ash speaks to guests during the UN Chef Take Over at the United Nations. Photograph by Bianca Silva

By Bianca Silva

When Best Dressed Plate organizer Nneka Nurse looked into holding an event paying homage to Caribbean cuisine, she decided to make a big leap.

“It came to me. ‘Where are you going to do it Nneka?’ and I said to myself: ‘You know what, it makes sense. I’m going to try the United Nations (UN) because the United Nations is a place of the meeting of all of the nations coming together and what better way to do that than through food, the universal language.’”

For three days, the United Nations hosted the Caribbean Holiday Guest Chef Series where chefs representing Haiti, Jamaica and the Bahamas showcased their food to UN dignitaries.

Jamaica was first on Wednesday followed by Bahamas on Thursday with Haiti closing out Friday. With Haiti, Nurse explains why she chose to display their cuisine on the last day.


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