By Elizabeth Hazard

Now’s the time for giving, so why not make it about giving back as well? If you’re still on the hunt for that special something for someone in your life, we’ve rounded up a few items that donate a portion of proceeds to charities in Haiti. Thoughtful gifts plus thoughtful thinking?  Sounds like a holiday win for all.

The 7 Virtues’ tagline says it all: Make Perfume. Not War. The Canadian-based perfume company sources essential oils from countries that are recovering from war with the hopes of stirring economic growth in the region. Peace Perfume scents include Afghanistan Orange Blossom, Noble Rose of Afghanistan, Middle East Peace, Patchouli of Rwanda, Jasmine of India and Vetiver of Haiti. Or opt for the Peace Blend Box where you can sample seven different scents. Employing farmers in these war-torn regions allows for sustainable growth in areas of rebuilding. What makes these perfumes even better? They’re all hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, organic, vegan and paraben-free.

Hand in Hand Sustainable Suds has the perfect stocking stuffers with their bars of soap, scrubs, lotions and stocking stuffer sets. Holiday-themed soaps include Juniper Berry, Frosted Pine and Winter Woods. They’re wrapped in such pretty, festive printed paper, you won’t even have to wrap these presents! And while you’re giving the gift of cleanliness, with every purchase, you’re also donating a bar of a soap and one month of clean drinking water to a child in Haiti. We think Santa and the reindeer will want to scrub up with these sustainable suds too after their long night of work is over on Christmas morning.

The Heart of Haiti collection at Macy’s is handmade by Haitian artisans and beautiful in detail. In partnership with Global Goods partners, half of the wholesale price goes directly to the artisans in Haiti, allowing them to continue their craft and support their families. The home goods offered in the collection at Macy’s include a platter made of wood from the Obeche tree and a bowl, an ornament, and tray, all made from recycled materials. Beauty in the details and a chance to support a talented artist with their craft? Heart of Haiti has us by the heartstrings.

Vi Bella Jewelry offers a selection of trendy jewelry and vibrant-patterned totes, clutches and wallets, all handmade in Haiti and Mexico. With a mission statement to offer a path out of poverty, the organization offers employment, school sponsorships, after-school funding and aid to orphanages in Mexico and Haiti. Chic and charitable come together as a perfect pair with one of these handcrafted designs.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the gift of comfort and warmth this holiday? Haiti Peace Quilts will wrap your loved ones up for years to come with these handmade quilts made by talented women in Haiti. Each quilt is unique and made with hand-sewn attention, one stitch at a time. Is the one you’re gifting always on the go? The organization also has a nice selection of homemade totes as well.

Elizabeth Hazard is a writer, producer and photography editor in New York City. Her work has appeared in various publications and websites. She frequently writes about art & culture, fashion and history.

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