Haiti : T-Check, the first Haitian Fact-checker

The Association of Online Media officially launched T-Check, the first Haitian fact-checker. Its mission : Analyze the degree of reliability and veracity of the information circulating on the web and the traditional media.

“T-Check Haiti is a fact-checking platform, which will provide a new means of information disclosure, whose primary purpose will be to enable users to check in one click, the information disseminated through the traditional media, like on social media ” says Franciyou Germain, CEO of Maghaiti.org and T-Check.org , Radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Haitians Affected by Food Insecurity

The National Council for Food Security said in a report that more than 2 million Haitians are facing acute food insecurity,including 386,000 in a food emergency,Radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

175 Haitians back in Haiti from Chile

A group of 175 Haitians registered in the program “Humanitarian return plan commanded” of the Chilean government returned to Haiti on Monday. This is the third batch of immigrants returned to Haiti under a voluntary return program for immigrants in October 2018. Out of 2,000 people registered, there remains approximately 1, 500 to be sent back to Haiti, Alterpresse reports. Continue reading

Haiti : New Project Against Forced Labor in Agricultural sector

The Jesuit Service for Migrants-Border Solidarity in Haiti with the European Union, launched the “Support Project to Combat Forced Labor in the Agricultural Sector”. This project concerns the North and Northeast departments, as well as the Dominican Republic, Part of the program aims to support preventive measures, protection and actions to help Haitian migrant workers in the Dominican Republic who are victims or potential victims of forced labor along with their families, Le National reports.

Arts & Culture

Frantz Casséus, Our Titan Of The Classical Guitar

For audiophiles and history buffs, Frantz Casséus’s story blends historical perspectives, cultural innuendos, a life of neglect and posthumous tributes with a silver lining of positive contribution of friends at each stage. Continue reading

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