In Response to More Than A Quarter Of Women Affected By Physical Or Sexual Abuse In Haiti, Pan American Health Organization Says

To the Editor,

In the article, More Than A Quarter Of Women Affected By Physical or Sexual Abuse in Haiti, Pan American Health Organizations Says, you highlighted some data that people all around the world need to hear. While all countries around the world know that violence happens in relationships, especially in America, there is a problem with the justice after a situation occurs. Like you pointed out, in some countries this violence affects women ranging from ages 15 to 49. This definitely isn’t just a problem for countries in the Caribbean and it should be our job as fellow citizens of this world to try to stop this problem. This type of violence is a direct violation of women’s human rights. It is very interesting to me though, that while this problem is worldwide, in seven countries the problem has declined over the past 15 years. These countries include Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. We should invest into studies to see what these countries are doing differently because it can’t just be a coincidence that their numbers are decreasing. For situations like this I feel that the justice system worldwide needs to do a better job of protecting women’s rights. No where should it be allowed for women to be treated poorly by their partners and face terrible consequences after the violence in their life.


Taylor Clanton

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