By Garry Pierre-Pierre

Democracy it is said is a messy thing. The United States is finding out how untidy it can be even after more than 240 years. Haiti is learning that lesson in its own democratic experiment that is entering 32 years.

While the U.S. and other European democracies had to look to ancient Rome for guidance, Haiti has had plenty of examples from which to model its democratic ideals. So far, the verdict does not bode well for any stability in the foreseeable future.

Since July, the country has been gripped by a spate of violent protests and economic inactivity that threatens to shake the country off its administrative foundation. To be sure, these problems are not unique to Haiti. We can look to what’s happening in France recently as proof. Demonstrators have shut down Paris protesting the increase in gas prices and a general malaise with President Emmanuel Macron and are asking for his departure from power. Sounds eerily familiar with what’s happening in Haiti, doesn’t it?


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