Haiti: Authorities Must Avoid Excessive Use Of Force During Protests

In response to the violence in Haiti following the Petrocaribe protests, Erika Guevara Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International, said: Continue reading

Mario Andrésol, former Top Police Official Denounces New Unit

Mario Andrésol denounces change in the uniform of General Security Unit of the National Palace agents and acquisition of weapons of war to equip this unit without the knowledge of the General Director of the National Police of Haiti. The unit can not intervene in law enforcement operations. It is not authorized to perform any task of the administrative police or the judicial police. Le Nouvelliste reports.

Amnesty International, Urges the Authorities to avoid Use of excessive Force during Demonstrations in Haiti.

Amnesty International demands that Haitian police refrain from using excessive use of force when conducting law enforcement operations.
the international human rights organization called on the authorities to carry out law enforcement operations on demonstrations, to avoid violence and to respect the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, and not privilege repression. Radio Television Caraibes reports Continue reading

Several Women’s Organizations Condemn Acts of Violence Against Women in Haiti

Women’s rights organizations condemn the situation of insecurity in the neighborhoods during the last few weeks. Six women are already victims of rape during the gunshot exchanges at La Saline; not to mention acts of banditry in Martissant. 89% of sexual violence is perpetrated against girls and 11% against women, Alterpresse reports Continue reading

Haitian Government to Create Appeasement in Populous Neighborhoods

Haitian Prime Minister, Jean Henry Céant launched one of his projects of social appeasement. The program is mostly made for the residents of populous neighborhoods that should be the main beneficiaries of this sanitation program. More than 50,000 people will be affected by this program with a budget of 2 billion gourdes. Radio Metropole reports Continue reading 


Haitian Immigrants Who Helped Lift An NC Town Face Deportation

Many North Carolina families spent Thursday circled around a big table and probably a big turkey. Some of these turkeys likely came from Butterball, the largest turkey processing plant in the world located in Mount Olive, North Carolina. Continue reading


Advocates Gather In Haiti For Key Meeting On HIV/AIDS

Executive Director of the Antigua and Barbuda HIV/AIDS Network Eleanor Frederick is in Haiti for a high-level meeting which will, among other things, discuss key scientific and policy content from the 22nd International AIDS Conference held in Amsterdam in July. Continue reading


J. Perry: Haiti’s Shining Musical Star Rising To International Stardom

Few of our young Haitian artists have a successful career and international recognition, and among those who have it, we must highlight J. Perry, who is certainly one of the most talented of them. Continue reading

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