J-Perry performing at 2022 summer festival of Haitian Network Group of Detroit, one of many Midwestern cities attracting Haitians. (photo courtesy of HNGD)

Few of our young Haitian artists have a successful career and international recognition, and among those who have it, we must highlight J. Perry, who is certainly one of the most talented of them.

Jonathan Perry nicknamed J. Perry, is a 30 year old Haitian singer and composer.
From an early age he set himself on a musical path, taking piano lessons and singing. He marked his first steps in the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) with his first single “Staring at Your Body,” which was released in 2009.

In 2011 he released his first album, “One Life to Live.” “One Life to live” features singles such as “Holding on” and”Dekole” — his biggest hit in the HMI and for which he was awarded a gold disk plaque by former President Michel Joseph Martelly. Dekole also inspired the theme of Haiti’s 2012 carnival.

J. Perry released “Enjoy” in 2012, and “Prezidan” and “Bouje” in 2013 — three singles that all reached great success.

Despite this success in prior years, his recognition went to new heights in 2014 when he collaborated with Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte for a remix of “Dekole,” which was picked for ESPN’s World Cup 2014 broadcast.

Last year however marked a turning point for J. Perry’s career. Disney studios bought the single “Bouje” for the release of Cars 3, consequently increasing his fame and popularity on the international scene.

That same year he also released his second album “Kiyes Ou Ye” and single by the same name. Over the years, J. Perry has had various collaborations with many national and international artists including Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin on “Ti Pam’ Nan,” Guadeloupean artist Admiral T on “Bouje” and “Aba Blabla” and Trinidadian artist Stef Kalloo on “Start Tonight.” He’s also worked with several renowned producers such as Michael Brun, Gardy Girault, Power Surge and Carl Fred B.

J.Perry is a loved artist and his success comes from his unique style and the intensity and energy he releases in his songs, coupled with their easy to catch lyrics.

His diversity allows him to sing in different styles such as dance hall, house music, zoumba and Konpa proposes a different vibe to each new song.

His songs preach love and shows his patriotism and love for Haïti. Now J. Perry stands as one of the big names in Haitian music.

Samuel Louis is a young Haitian student that loves to write and learn. He’s passionate about people and culture and finds comfort in knowledge. As a writer for Haitian Times, he looks forward to opening his horizons about journalism, while doing what he loves.

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