Port of Prince, Nov 26. The Haitian government announced that it is taking all necessary measures to resume today the activities, after a week of protests and general strike which paralyzed this capital and other important cities of the country.

According to the interior minister, Jean-Marie Reynaldo Brunet, the police forces will be present in all the city’s main arteries and in front of the schools and guarantee that he has been ordered to arrest those who contravene the provisions.

He also warned that the various forms of violence, confrontations with the police and other incidents of this type ‘will not be tolerated,’ and stressed that this action constitutes a threat to national security.

‘Any citizen who is found guilty of these actions will be held accountable before the courts,’ Brunet said, and told the police to combat any ‘peaceful’ demonstration, which then becomes a movement of instability for the country.

The official’s statements come after a week of unrest in the country over anti-government and anti-corruption demonstrations that gathered thousands of Haitians on the nation’s main streets to demand that the embezzlers of about two billion dollars from the Petrocaribe program be brought to justice.

They also demanded the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant and his government team, whom they accuse of obstructing the investigation into the embezzlement of the public treasury. Continue reading

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