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Police officer killed as more street protests paralyze Haiti

Haitian police say one of their officers has been killed by a street gang and much of the country is paralyzed by a second day of protests over allegations of government corruption.

Police spokesman Gary Derosier tells The Associated Press that the officer was riding in a motorcycle taxi that was stopped at a roadblock run by a street gang, who fatally shot him and burned his body in an alley. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Nov. 19, 2018

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  1. J. Thomas says:

    I can absolutely understand the frustration of the Haitian people. It seems that they suffer through an endless number of corrupt politicians who make promises they never keep and view their positions as nothing more than a way to enrich themselves, their families and friends. However, at some point all Haitians must realize that endless protests, rioting and destruction will get you nowhere and when the fires burn out and the dead are buried they still have to live there. The situation is only made worse when individuals, tourists, missionaries, and organizations no longer choose to come because of the violence. I believe that all Haitians must find ways to come together to work for the common good. People from all walks of life must be willing to put the collective good ahead of the individual. Asking only “what’s in it for me?” Will not solve the problem.

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