QATAR contributes to the eradication of cholera in Haiti

Very few countries and international partners have mobilized funds following the intervention of President Jovenel Moise at the UN General Assembly to intensify the fight against cholera eradication in Haiti.

Qatar Fund for Development is the second largest contributor to the program after the Republic of Korea, with a contribution of $ 1,500,000, according to Radio Metropole. Continue reading

ARMED gangs clashes in several neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Several people were killed during clashes between armed gangs in La Saline neighborhoods for the control of public markets. These clashes are related to the ones that caused the death of gang leader Kiki and the arrest of gang leader Bout Janjan, according to Radio Metropole. Continue reading

HAITI : Prime Minister Jean Henry chooses his Spokesperson

Former speaker of the Haitian youth parliament and former chief of staff of Senator Latortue, Pascal Adrien will now speak on behalf of prime minister Jean-Henry Céant that chose Pascal Adrien as his spokesperson. Jean Henry Ceant wants, by this choice, to further stimulate communication around the initiatives of his Government, radio Tele Caraibes reports Continue reading

HAITI : President of Je Klere foundation speaks on the PetroCaribe case

Samuel Madistin, well known lawyer and president of Fondasyon Je Klere , addresses the Petrocaribe affair. According to him, Parliamentary immunity would be an obstacle to the fight against corruption in Haiti. Fondasyon Je Klere urges the government and parliament to pass a law, to remove obstacles to the PetroCaribe trial, including immunities, radio Tele Caraibes reports Continue reading

FORMER president, Jocelerme Privert advises mayors at the congress of the Federation of Mayors of Haiti

Former President Jocelerme Privert gave a speech at the congress of the Federation of Mayors of Haiti. His speech was mostly about public services. According to him, there are public services that the state is obliged to provide weather citizens are able to pay or not, and there are others for which the authorities must charge citizens, Le Nouvelliste reports Continue reading

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