Haiti Faces A Mass Extinction Of Animals Thanks To Deforestation

Haiti has faced more than its fair share of tragedies in recent history; the small country is still reeling from a catastrophic earthquake in 2010 that claimed over 300,00 lives. Seven years later, 175,000 people were still displaced from the horrific natural disaster. Continue reading

A U.N.-Backed Police Force Carried Out A Massacre In Haiti. The Killings Have Been Almost Entirely Ignored.

AT 5 O’CLOCK on the morning of November 13, more than 200 Haitian police officers raided the Grand Ravine area of Port-au-Prince. There was a series of loud explosions, followed by gunfire. For the next six hours, the commotion didn’t stop. The neighborhood was under siege. Continue reading

Haitians Remember Past Abuses In Effort To Avoid Repeating Them

As human rights organizations commemorated the 1964 execution of two young dissidents during the regime of Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, a priest spoke out for the first time about the incident.

Louis Drouin, 31, and Marcel Numa, 21, were part of the insurgent Jeune Haiti (Young Haiti) guerrilla movement that sought to overthrow Duvalier, five months after he proclaimed himself president for life. Continue reading

PETROCARIBE-HAITI : 36 companies under investigation

Government Commissioner at the Port-au-Prince Court of First Instance, Clamé O. Daméus is freezing 36 companies’ bank accounts under two investigations that involves corruption: The Petrocaribe case and the overcharge of school kits, Radio Metropole reports.

Those companies are:

1.- National Trading Group
2.- AGP Papeterie
3.- Haiti Supply
4.- Kaymit Sales And Services
5.- M & S Créations
6.- Secosa (Suervision, Évaluation et Construction S.A.)
7.- Sada Construction
8.- Beca Engeneering
9.- Consortium Tropic Buil World Wide Holding He./JRD Construction S.A
10.- Constructora Handom
11.- Groupe IBI-DAA
12.- Milfort Augustin & Co
13.- Sada Construction
14.- Consortio MMC Renter
15.- GI Consultant
16.- GTC : Groupe Travaux et Construction
17.- Gilbert Chenet
18.- Grupo Sita (SRL)
19.- RHT Plaza S.A.
20.- Turbo Consulting
21.- Hadom S.A.
22.- Constructionnes Y Disenos R.M.N S.A
23.- Rofi S.A.
24.- Constructora Mar S.A
25.- Études Constructions S.A.
26.- J&J Construction
27.- Sotec
28.- Infratec
29.- Noelsaint Construction
30.- Repsa
31.- IBT
32.- Tropic Build
33.- General Distribution S.A
34.- General Construction S.A
35.- HL Construction
36.- Ingeniera Estrella S.A Continue reading

HAITI : Workshop for trainers and preschool teachers.

The Office of Management of Pre-School Education is organizing from November 12 to 16 of 2018, in Pandiassou (Center department of Haiti), a training simulation workshop for the implementation of the preschool curriculum finalized in 2014.

It involves training a number of pre-school educators and teachers through the development of skills that will enable them to train other professionals in this field, according to Radio Tele Caraibes. Continue reading

STATE University of Haiti’s Council looks at teachers salaries

The Council of the State University of Haiti announces the formation of a commission of work on the salary of the temporary teachers and those in charge of the University. This commission will analyze the salary condition of the teachers, analyze the instructions of the full-time teacher in the entities, then propose a modality of application of the envisaged measures. The commission has 12 months to submit its report.

While waiting on the report, the Council of the University approves the decision of the Council of Deans to pay the teachers 1000 gourdes per hour, Le Nouvelliste writes. Continue reading

Haitian Official condemns Moise Jean Charles’s act

Patrick Chrispin, one of the head of state’s advisers, accuses ex-senator Moïse Jean Charles of defiling the flag and violating the constitution. The Presidency condemns Jean Charles and calls for an investigation, according to Radio Metropole. Continue reading

Haitian Prime Minister visits Customs Office at Malpasse

Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant paid a visit to the Malpasse customs to see the situation link in the fight against smuggling. He took the opportunity to announce new measures to curb the illegal traffic of goods through Lake Azueï. Traffic for which there is a deficit between $ 200 million and $ 400 million in annual losses that the government proposes to fill, Radio Tele Caraibes reports.

Malpasse is a town in the Croix-des-Bouquets Arrondissement in the Ouest department of Haiti. Its border is one of the four chief land crossings to the Dominican Republic. Continue reading

South Florida

Florida Passions Remain High As Voters Converge In Lauderhill

At a church in Fort Lauderdale, with a congregation of supporters surrounding him, Andrew Gillum was a part of a quintet of preachers who responded with faith to the first gubernatorial recount in Florida’s history. Continue reading

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