Haiti and Martinique Chamber of Commerce Sign Agreement

A partnership agreement was signed between Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Martinique’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. From that agreement, both chambers can work together to create jobs and wealth. Martinique will bring its expertise and knowledge to Haiti, while seeking to know the products that Haiti can export to Martinique, according to Radio Tele Caraibes. Continue reading

New Law on Legal Assistance in Haiti

To improve access of the poorest to justice in Haiti, a new law on legal assistance has been enacted. It is a law that will become an important tool in the context of strengthening access to justice for the weakest of which a significant number languish in prison, for lack of financial means to engage the services of a lawyer, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

HAITI : Violence Mars Caries

Violence continues to plague the tourist area of Cotes des Arcadins despite efforts from the police efforts last July. The police are aware of the situation but officials say that they are not doing enough to curb the violence, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Haitian Minister Says Gas Increase is not Under Consideration

Ronald Decembre, Minister of Finance accused journalists of misinterpreting his statements by reporting a rise in gas prices.
He assured that fuel taxes are not included in the draft budget 2018-2019. He even points out that the 20 billion gourdes missing from the subsidy on petroleum products has been reduced to 15 billion, radio Metropole reported. Continue reading

Haitian Prime Minister Visits Judiciary Body

Last Thursday Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant paid a visit to the premises of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary. Céant promised to increase the budget of the judiciary. He also answered questions about the threats for the demonstrations scheduled on November 18, according to Le Nouvelliste. Continue reading

Immigration & Migration

86 Haitian Migrants Rescued From Packed, Dangerous Freighter

Coast Guard officials have rescued nearly 100 Haitian migrants from a dangerously overloaded freighter.

Miami Coast Guard officials said their helicopter crew spotted the overcrowded, 40-foot sail freighter near Cuba on Saturday. Officials deployed a cutter from Key West to rescue the migrants, saying the vessel was not equipped to carry its passengers and was perilously overcrowded. Continue reading

Warped Lens

Haiti Should Look to U.S Political Opposition as a Model

I know it is fraught with peril to compare Haiti with the United States. But please allow me to do so. For more than 30 years, Haiti has embarked upon a democratic journey that was by and large based on the American model. We’ve held elections and elected officials have more or less handed power relatively smoothly.  Continue reading

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