Adventist Hospital in Haiti First to Perform Knee Replacement Surgery

The Adventist Hospital in Haiti becomes the first in Haiti to perform knee replacement last month. Despite his success with the procedure, Surgeon Patrick Lecorps says that other hospitals still lack the capability to perform this and other surgeries, Radio Tele Caraibes report. Continue reading

PetroCaribe: Warrants Issued Against Former Directors

Port-au-Prince government commissioner, Ocnam-Clamé Daméus, has issued arrest warrants against three former directors of the Office of Monetization of Development Assistance Programs. Michaël Lecorps, Eustache St. Lot, Patrick Noramé. (The office was responsible of executing Ministers Cabinet resolutions on projects financed under the Petroleum Products Agreement.)

They are accused of extortion, illegal procurement, illicit enrichment, abuse of office, misappropriation of public funds and criminal conspiracy.
The chief prosecutor of Port-au-Prince also issued new invitations to former prime ministers Laurent Salvador Lamothe and Jean Max Bellerive, scheduled on November 9 and 13 of 2018, Radio Tele Caraibes says. Continue reading

PetroCaribe: Former Prime Minister Lamothe Refuses to Appear in Front if Public Prosecutor’s Office, once again

Me Mario Delcy, Laurent Lamothe’s lawyer reports that no formal invitation was sent to his client. He reiterates that the approach of the Government Commissioner, Mr. Clamé-Ocnam Daméus, is illegal, and reminds him that the Haitian legislative system does not allow the issuance of collective mandate, according to Radio Tele Caraibes. Continue reading

Dam in Haiti’s Bread Bread Basket Under Seige

The Canot Dam’s intake valves was opened and its water was let out to the sea. This action may jeopardize the region’s agricultural output, Le Nouvelliste writes. Continue reading

Haitian Copyright Office to Enforce Authors’ Rights

Haitian Copyright Office has signed an agreement with three firms that will defend copyright or related rights, according ti Le Nouvelliste. Continue reading

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