Haitian Finance Minister Says Inflation of fuel prices are inevitable

With a loss of 20 billion gourdes on petroleum products and the riot of July 6-7, authorities prefer to make a decision that would be favorable to all. The government plans to take public transport at their expense and leave the burden of rising fuel for those of the middle class and the wealthy ones who owns a private car, Radio Tele Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Presentation of the 2018-2019 Finance Bill

Minister of the Economy and Finance Ronald Decembre accompanied by other ministers presented the outline of the bill on Monday to the press, the Growth Group and the Economic Forum of the private sector.

2018-2019 budget will be based on social activities. Several social programs will be back such as Ti Manman Cheri, Kore etidyan, Cantine Mobile, Communauté Restaurant, Panier Solidarité… Health, agriculture, schools, roads all have projects that concerns them, projects that have been exposed, according to Le Nouvelliste. Continue reading

National Federation of Mayors of Haiti and the State University of Haiti Sign Agreement

At the first congress of the national federation of mayors of Haiti, the president of the federation and the rector of the university sign a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the human and technical resources in the municipalities that do not have one. This agreement prompts the university to put trainees at the disposal of the federation, to provide them with the assistance necessary to carry out the decentralization which is a common objective. Continue reading

Ministry of Haitians living abroad is Launching a Project

The ministry of Haitians living abroad is launching an information center to be inaugurated on November 8th, on the 24th anniversary of the ministry. The purpose of the Information Center is to strengthen the relationship between the diaspora and the department and to meet their administrative needs more quickly. The information center numbers will be available soon, According to Radio Metropole Continue reading

Haitian prime minister Meets President of the court of Accounts

Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant had a working session on Tuesday with the President of the Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes, Mr. Pierre Volmar Desmesyeux.

The purpose of this meeting was to update the Prime Minister conducting the audit on the management of PetroCaribe funds. The Prime Minister has submitted all documents related to the PetroCaribe funds and intends to remain informed on the evolution of the case that he wants to be transparent so that the population is aware of what is happening, according to Radio Metropole. Continue reading

Immigration & Migration

Haitian Migrants Found Adrift Near TCI US Coast Guards Intercept Sloop

A US Coast Guard crew intercepted a shabby sloop carrying some 84 people on Sunday (October 28).

The illegal migrants were crowded onto the 42-foot boat which was discovered 30 miles southwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Continue reading

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