Kodak Black Says He Wants To Build A School In Haiti

A couple of months after stating that he “reshaped the culture for all the Haitians,” Kodak Black is giving back to the Caribbean nation in the form of education. Per The Shaderoom, the “Zeze” rapper revealed the news he was previously hesitant to share.

“I got my grandma a mansion in Haiti,” he wrote on social media. “I never upload [or] broadcast it but I am happy to say I am building a school in Haiti as well.” No further details have been publicized since the revelation.

#TSRPositiveImages: #KodakBlack announces he’s building a school in #HaitiA post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Nov 4, 2018 at 8:28pm PST

In 2017, Kodak linked with fellow Haitians Wyclef Jean and John Wicks for a song titled after their native country, but the young rapper isn’t the only Haitian artist giving back.

Model Christie Desir, who won Miss Universe Haiti in 2014, previously said she’s planning to build multiple schools for her homeland’s youth. She’s witnessed firsthand the lack of educational tools Haiti’s children receive since she spends most of her summers in the country. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Nov. 06, 2018

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  1. Maximo Rodríguez says:

    Hatians might start of good and End Up in a shit whole. Your Educación might start of good and End Up in a Toilet.

    • Sexy L says:

      That kind of attitude keeps the country from growing. If you can’t say something nice, just keep you comments to yourself.

      “You’re imitating your DADDY TRUMP” CALLING HAITI A SHIT WHOLE. If you think where you came from is better, you wouldn’t be here in america!!!!!!

      • Jhonny says:

        Don’t forget America isn’t a country is a continent they don’t teach you good geography you better go back to school Haiti is a part of America ,don’t forgot your country name is USA not America

      • Sandea says:

        Good I like that answer. If we all keep on thinking the way you think Haiti will never be what it should be. Thank you very much for that answer.

    • Bruno Dorothy says:

      Nah it won’t end up in a shit whole ????????????you guys trynna judge that too ???????????? I’m pretty sure you Haitian too

    • Ironfist says:

      Your last name is Rodriguez so keep your danm mouth shut or go back to Mexico.

  2. Dianna Marie LaPole-Geiger says:

    I am thrilled to hear individuals are helping the Haitian children get educated which will help them get out of the traps of poverty.

    My name is Dianna M LaPole-Geiger, 73 years old; I have educated a child in Pignon, Haiti since he was 10. Wathson Alcina is now 21 & is going to an university in Port du Prince. He will start his second year soon; Wathson wants to be a physician of medicine. I am also educating his sister, Florcie. She will start her first year of college in December.

    It is not always easy for me to come up with their tuitions but the LORD will provide a way.

    I am also sending 4 year old Tchaly Pierre, from Savanette, Haiti, to school as of 4 June ’18.

    • Saint Julien Joseph says:

      Thank you for helping the Haitian people God will blessing you more for the love you show and your leadership

  3. Monniyor says:

    Good news for my country

  4. Karambit says:

    Kodak Black has always represented his home country of Haiti proudly, and now he’s putting some dollars behind his words. also kodak is serious about giving back and plans to involve himself with charitable causes throughout the United States. long live kodak we love you

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