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Intimate Portraits Of Vodou Celebration In Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Fête Gede, or “Festival of the Dead,” is one of the most important celebrations in the Voudou religious calendar.  On the first and second day of November, gédé celebrations take over the main cemetery in Port-Au-Prince, and elsewhere in Haiti. Voodoo practitioners come in droves to honor Baron Samedi and layout offerings such as candles, flowers, food, and rum mixed with hot pepper. It is a time when vodouizants celebrate the ancestral dead. Continue reading

Little Haiti’s Activist Zine Fair Is For The People, By The People

The Activist Fair is a radical new mini-zine fair going down in the heart of Little Haiti November 3. Exile Books is calling all zine makers, independent publishers, and artists collectives interested in social causes who want to buy, sell and trade their work to attend. Continue reading


Army of Haiti Organizes Recruitment of Soldiers

The army of Haiti announced it would recruit youths between 22 and 35 years old to join the country”s armed forces, composed today with about a hundred members. The high command also informed there would be a call for professionals in the specialties of medical doctors, engineers in construction, computer science, electronics, agronomy and also architects. Continue reading 

Vices to be considered as offenses in Haiti

Bestiality and zoophilia, moral harassment, arrogant begging, false advertising, pimping, tax evasion and fraud, zombification are the new offenses added to the penal code and the criminal procedure by Jean Renel Senatus, senator of the West that estimated they needed revision to adapt in accordance to the present time, Radio Tele Caraibes reports Continue reading

Mario Andresol talks about political criminalization

Mario Andresol, former director of the National Police of Haiti, accuses bandits of hiding behind politics to commit crime. He deplores the situation of the gangs which control certain areas of the country, Radio Tele Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Tense situation in the streets since 3 days

Since Wednesday, October 31, exchanges of gunshots between gangs have engulfed the capital. During these exchanges on November 1, one of the gang leaders, Bout Jean Jean, was injured and taken to the hospital, according to a report on Radio Tele Caraibes. Continue reading

Haitian football team of amputees eliminated after making history.

The Haitian national team of amputees was eliminated from the World Cup after losing to Poland 2-1. It was the first time that Haiti’s team qualified for the World Cup, Le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading


From Haiti To Silicon Valley: How Merline Saintil Made Her Way

By all traditional estimates, Merline Saintil was not destined for success. Growing up as a poor girl in Haiti, she never dreamed of working side by side with world-class engineers and leaders in Silicon Valley. But, one afternoon at a career fair changed everything. Continue reading

Immigration and Migration

Birthright Citizenship For Haitians At Odds With Intent Of Amendment, Rep. Mark Sanford Says

“The idea that you just happen to come in from Haiti or anywhere else and because you get your boat to shore, all of the sudden you are open to the same rights and privileges that anybody else is, I think is at odds with the intent.” Continue reading

Health & Science

Cuba Will Support Maternal Services With New Specialists In Haiti

Cuba will increase its medical presence in Haiti, in response to a request from the health authorities of this nation, confirmed to Prensa Latina Ambassador Luis Castillo.

According to the diplomat, a team of 16 Cuban specialists in gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology will inaugurate a medical position in Anse a Pitres, a border area with the Dominican Republic. Continue reading

New York

Election day: City to add Haitian Creole among voting interpretation services

The city is making election day voting easier for New Yorkers who are not native English speakers. In an expansion of its interpretation services at polling sites, the Board of Elections is maximizing its language interpretation services on Nov. 6., and will offer more, including Haitian Creole. Continue reading

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