The army of Haiti announced it would recruit youths between 22 and 35 years old to join the country”s armed forces, composed today with about a hundred members. The high command also informed there would be a call for professionals in the specialties of medical doctors, engineers in construction, computer science, electronics, agronomy and also architects.
Recruitment will start from November 12 and are directed to the 10 departments of the country.

This is one of the first recruitments of the Haitian armed forces, reconstructed in November, 2017 by president Jovenel Moise to also defend the country, contribute to border surveillance and stop the smuggling that causes millionaire losses every year.

During the forming of the high command, the President said the previous army left many bad experiences behind in the minds of Haitians, but ‘this will be different’, closing the polemic of those who said the new forces were unnecessary in times of peace.

By the middle of the decade of the 90’s of last century, former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide disarticulated the army due to its coupist tradition and for considering improper to sustain an entity of seven thousand members, which cost 40 percent of the national Budget, when the priority was supposed to be to fight poverty.

At the United Nations, Moise also said that the military structure will have a unit of engineering for works of infrastructure, another of aviation and a third one that will take care of the victims, especially during natural disasters. After the impact of the earthquake of last October in the northeast of Haiti, a contingent of the armed forces was dispatched to the affected zones to support reconstruction tasks. Continue reading

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