Sonel Jean-François Says Introduction of Prosecutor in PetroCaribe Case is Illegal.

“This decision by the government commissioner has no legal basis. It is not a legal act, but rather a political one. If Mr. Ocname Clamé Daméus dares to arrest any person in connection with this case, he will automatically make that person innocent. That’s the danger.

The government commissioner must wait for the examining magistrate to transfer the file to him to take the deed of law, as head of the civil court of first instance of Port-au-Prince.” says counselor Sonel Jean Francois. Continue reading

Haiti: Moïse Shakes Up Staff Amid PetroCaribe Controversy

While the government commissioner invites two former prime ministers and a private firm official to his PetroCaribe office, President Jovenel Moïse separates his chief of staff and the secretary general of the presidency from his private cabinet. Their names are also mentioned in the PetroCaribe case
At the same time, the president terminated the functions of ten special advisers and six advisers for specific projects and areas that were working at his closest to the national palace. Continue reading

Chile Offers Haitians Plan to Return

To access the program, they must sign a declaration in the presence of a notary who voluntarily requests their return to Haiti and accept the prohibition to return to Chile for a period of nine years.
Highly critical of this project, the migrant defense associations believe that it is actually a “disguised eviction” and consider that only a small number of Haitians will participate. They insist that the measure taken by the Chilean executive is based on cases specific to Haitians and denounce a fixation on the Haitian community before qualifying it as racist. Continue reading

Haiti ranks last among the 17 countries in the Americas in Human Capital Index.

Globally Haiti is a little over 112th out of 157 countries analyzed by the World Bank Group.
With a score of 0.45 out of 1, Haiti’s human capital index in 2017 is below the average for its region but above the average for its income group. This means that the income-generating potential of children born today in Haiti will be 45% lower than they could have been in a context of comprehensive education and good health. Continue reading

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Calls on Haïtian Government to Curb Wasteful Spending

The Western Chamber of Commerce and Industry urges the Prime Minister and his government to eliminate the waste of public administration, to take steps to broaden the tax base by paying special attention to the fight against corruption, smuggling and fraud and to establish tripartite boards of trustees at the level of the National Insurance Office and the Office of Accident Insurance for Labor, Sickness and Maternity to allow contributors to regain control of these institutions. Continue reading

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