Black America should care more about Haiti

The island of Haiti had a bittersweet last week. The sweet part of the week began on the evening of Oct. 3, when U.S. District Judge Edward Chen blocked the Trump Administration’s efforts to end Temporary Protected Status for Haitians and hundreds of thousands of other immigrants from countries whose residents are people of color. The U.S. government grants TPS to people from countries where there are safety and economic concerns. Haitians received TPS after the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed 300,000 people.

And then came the bitter part of the week. An earthquake on Oct. 6, measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale, destroyed homes and other property and claimed 17 souls, according to reports.

In between the two earthquakes Haiti has faced other natural disasters, including Hurricane Matthew, which claimed about 600 souls and depleted some of the country’s important argibusiness. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson aptly understands the plight of the island nation, and why ending TPS would cause even more harm. It is unclear whether the judge’s stay will protect TPS for Haitians, which is schedule to end in July 2019.

“This latest earthquake, while thankfully less destructive, is an acutely unfortunate setback for Haiti, which was trying to make a comeback and desperately needs and deserves all of the breaks it can get,” Wilson said in a statement Oct. 7. “I fear this latest disaster could add even more years to the amount of time the nation still needs to recover from previous natural and manmade disasters. That the United States would even consider ending Temporary Protected Status for Haitian nationals legally living and working here is imprudent and inhumane. Haiti is struggling to rebuild and the contributions TPS holders send back home are essential to that effort.”

She is absolutely right. Haitians needs attention and support not just from the federal government; it needs all faith-based and community-based organizations to not only sound the alarm on their behalf; but also try to extend their programs to embrace suffering islanders.

Haiti was born from the only successful slave rebellion in the Western Hemisphere.

Slaves started the rebellion in 1791. They would end slavery and take control of their island from the French by 1803.

Haiti was known as Saint Dominigue and it is recorded to be one of “France’s wealthiest overseas colony, largely because of its production of sugar, coffee, indigo, and cotton generated by an enslaved labor force.” Continue reading 

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Oct. 12, 2018

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  1. Leferne preptit says:

    We the haitians need to do more for Haiti not the Black American(s). The time is over due for us to take our destiny into our hands, and we need to stop depend on other people/nations. Dependency create problem, and the Haitian authority need to stop asking other country for help; they need to make businesses paying taxes. They need to stop waisted money and work with what they have. HAITI is a rich country why our people are so poor? Why Haiti is capital of the NGOS? Haiti needs good thinkers and other nations need to stop mangled in our elections. We Haitians are divided and we need to unite to save our country! We been depend on other countries for to long now is the time for us to stop it. Yes, we can do it!

  2. Wapkonjorge says:

    Why you begging for people to help us. why don’t you encourage us to help ourselves. Where’s our dignity where’s your dignity. We always have our hands out. Instead why don’t you try to show some patriotism and gave people hope instead of making it other peoples problems. Ever country in the Caribbean is moving and developing except us.!!! why because you journalist are no different then the politicians in Haiti. Turn a once proud country into a NGO republic. Haitian journalist are gossip queens nothing to offer the country but BS. that’s why the international world don’t take yall serious. All of you are responsible for the misery that happening in Haiti. All your website do is criticize everything the govt. Instead of Uniting journalist especially Haitian only dividing. Asking AFrican American who most don’t even like us to help is like asking the Dominicans to help us. Wheres your pride.

    • Xiomara Suero says:

      I will like to understand why Haitians heit the dominicans so much, in haitis every tragety, the dominicans are there to help them rebuild. They are always the first than all the nations. At first they apreciate the help, but right after, go back to the heiting and so, it never ends. If someone could explain to me, why?

    • Mike says:

      Its not that they dont like us, African Americans have their own problems. We should be more responsible and help ourselves.

      • chris says:

        Haitians and AA really don’t get along. Nobody gets along with Haitians. Why?

        • Mike says:

          Your entire statement are lies. AA and Haitians have no problems, nor do Hatians have any problems getting along with anyone else. it all depends on the individuals.

  3. Dian Gayle says:

    I think as people from the Caribbean that we are one. We should support each other, so if we can help “Why not”? The Haitians living here in America needs to give back to their country. I am not Hatian but I don’t discriminate, we are all one people. I heard some Haitians said many times, that they are not going back. We must all remember where we come from , because no matter how much Citizenship we have in the USA they can take it back.

    • Jean Durin says:

      It’s a shame. Day after day, the Haitians in Haiti show the whole world their incompetent to govern. Haiti is a rich country in term of natural resources, but the government and the people can’t seem to utilize the resources for the development of the country. It’s a sad situation.

  4. Daniel Dume-Charles says:

    Why do we keep expecting other people to care about our misery when we prove that we are the main reason why we are so poor, so filthy , and such a failed state? We are international beggars and when we get a nut, instead of appreciate it and invest it in our infrastructure, we steal it, waste it, or misuse it. We need to be more responsible in the way we use our resources and more accountable in the way we treat our country. Quit begging. Start looking for solutions from within…for Haitians and BY Haitians. Indicting and eliminating those thieves from the scene would be a good start. Enough trying to get sympathy from other people and groups while the real enemies of Haiti are Haitians themselves. Enough of the self-defeating and shameless attitude. Enough…

    • Reginald says:

      Probably brother you are one of them born or raise here or you’re just giving your opinion on a matter that you don’t have enough information on. Haiti is under control of the big embassy established in the country to promote mediocrity by offer their support in a various way to distroy the country. For instance: they promote investment in Dominican Republic while contribute in destroying ours. When we have a politician of good faith who is trying to promote change they step him down with their invisible hand and the complicity of Haitians Americans established in the country to make sure the conspiracy international against Haiti work perfectly. If you want, check out the word of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Haiti to be more explicit. Brother the Haitian situation is complex and as a Haitian I am really sad about our situation, but remember if the super power in the world against you what can you do? We need country like Venezuela, Cuba and others who understand our suffering, our everyday fight to cooperate they are the real friends of Haiti. We have to understand as a first black Nation who reverse the world from slavery, the western would never forgive us.

  5. Rosada says:

    Ki Le na fin mande charite,youn nan president pas yo te voye petit fi li ki te 19 an nan state la ak mission pou vin mande charity nan nom pep men an reality cy pou test li ak fanmi:no menm bo icit nou bezwentout bagay.Il y a des choses qu,on oublie pas…

  6. Mike says:

    I didnt even finish the whole article because i see its just more begging and self pity. And we wonder why no one respect us.

  7. Mike says:

    I didnt even finish the article because i see its just more begging and self pity. And we wonder why no one respect us.

  8. Nadia Assad says:

    It will never end, there will be no changes as long as we keep having the same kind of individuals, gorverning the country: shameless, no good for nothing, theirs lips are moving, but nothing is coming out, they have not done and will not do to much for the country, oh… wait a minute, they have been very efficient at filling their pockets, we have to give that to them, they are actually very good at that. Way to go!
    Some of us wants to go back and give and build, and strengthen our country , but guess what!? They want let us ,because the beggar and thief system they have in place is so much profitable for them that they say forget that Haiti Cheri , Marchons Unis, L’union Fait La Force…

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