Luckner Bright speaks on Education.

Graduate of the Normal School of Port-au-Prince ( L’Ecole Normale de Port-au-Prince) in 1963, since then, Luckner Bright invests body and soul in education. First by founding in that year school College Le Normalien, then by training future professionals. Making education his unique hobby, Luckner Bright on his 80’s, still clings. Because for him there is no life outside of teaching. “Education is everything to me,” he says. Continue reading

President Jovenel Moïse on post-disaster solutions.

Jovenel Moïse reassures the victims of the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that struck the departments of North, North-West and Artibonite. According to him, just after the earthquake, the government was already on there to provide the post-disaster response. The head of state who returned Sunday afternoon from a visit to the affected departments, pointed out that the authorities did not wait until the next day to help the victims of the earthquake.

The Minister of Planning will evaluate the situation with NGOs( non-governmental organizations) to let them know how and where to intervene. The government wants to avoid duplication and cacophony in the distribution of aid, said Jovenel Moise.
All institutions that want to help must go through the Directorate of Civil Protection. Continue reading

The Haitian army helps after the earthquake.

A hundred soldiers of the Armed Forces of Haiti (FADH) were deployed in Gros Morne and Port-de-Paix affected by the earthquake. They are responsible to provide medical assistance to victims and clear collapsed buildings, explains Evens Guerrier, spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense. Continue reading

The United States declares that they are ready to help out if asked.

The United States expresses its sympathy and support to all those in Haiti who were struck by the earthquake that affected the departments of Artibonite, North and North West on October, 6. We continue to follow the situation closely. The United States and Haiti are strategic partners and Haiti is our friend. Therefore, we are ready to participate in the rescue aid, if we are asked.

Increase of the minimum wage. List of the affected sectors:

Companies in the A – Segment, particularly relatively stable companies, the minimum wage went from 400 to 500 gourdes, an increase of 25%.
B – companies, those who get away with business, minimum wage went from 350 to 400 gourdes, an increase of 14.3%.

C – segment compagnies, those exposed and very vulnerable, wage went from 290 to 350 gourdes, an increase of 20.70%.
E – segment, which includes house staff, went from 200 to 215 gourdes, an increase of 7.50%.

F – segment, which turns towards re-export, minimum wage has gone from 350 to 420 gourdes.
G – segment, petroleum distribution companies and security agents, the salary went from 300 to 400 gourdes, an increase of 33.30%.
Lastly companies in the H-segment, the private sector strategic services companies, the minimum wage went from 350 to 400 gourdes, an increase of 14.30%. Continue reading

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