By Victoria Jonas

With a few clicks on a computer, Haitian entrepreneurs will now be able to share their services and businesses worldwide through SevisPlus, an online marketplace where users can find creative and professional services that launched this summer.

“I have always seen a lot of opportunities in the market for digital services while working as a freelancer. Most importantly opportunities that people from my country can benefit from,” aid Berthony Delalue, SevisPlus founder. “I wanted to incorporate these opportunities into one package to make it easier for anyone to succeed online with their businesses, skills or talents. That’s what SevisPlus is all about. The team behind this project is really committed to providing value to our users.”

Before starting SevisPlus, Delalue was a multilingual technical support agent for a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines, while he studied computer science. Later, he became a software engineer and digital marketer, where he worked with people in more than 78 countries.    

After seeing a great number of opportunities in the digital space, Delalue registered SevisPlus in January 2018.


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