The new criminal code is officially in the Senate

The President of the commission “Justice, security and national defense” of the Haitian Senate Jean Renel Senatus officially handed on Wednesday the official document on the new Haitian criminal code (penal code).

The Commission added 32 new offenses in the document to update it. Changes have been made to abortion, kidnapping cases followed by murder, cases of police involved in sequestration. Cases of gang rape and the publication of photos on social networks are also taken into consideration. Continue reading

Haitians, Immigration Lawyers Welcome Ruling Blocking Trump From Ending TPS – For Now

Advocates for hundreds of thousands of Haitian and Central American immigrants facing deportation from the United States said a California federal judge’s decision to temporarily block Trump administration plans to send them back home offers new hope — but also increased uncertainty. Continue reading

Haitian Mayor And Actress Speaks Out On Domestic Violence

With photos of her bruised face and body circulating on social media, a Haitian mayor and prominent actress on Wednesday revealed herself to be a victim of domestic abuse in a bid to start a national conversation about sexual violence.

“We women, which such a thing happens, we are the ones who feel ashamed. We don’t speak up because we are embarrassed, we feel shameful,” said Nice Simon, who is the mayor of Tabarre, part of the metropolitan Port-au-Prince area. Continue reading

Peace is slowly recovering in Martissant

During a press briefing at the beginning of the week, Mr. Saint Cyr assured that the police had carried out in recent weeks interventions in the neighborhoods of Grand Ravine and Village de Dieu. The intervention of the police was unknown to the media and the public. Mr. Saint Cyr intends to keep the strategy of the police under the sign of the secret of state.

He explains that the interventions were successful and helped avoid collateral damage. Apparently eight gang leaders were apprehended and several others injured during altercations with police. Continue reading

Justice is now dealing with the Nice Simon case

The case of Nice Simon and Yves Léonard has undergone new development in the last few hours. A warrant was issued against Mr. Yves Leonard said Ms Simon’s lawyer, Mario Delcy.

He is wanted for attempted murder, assault and sequestration. The lawyer says that Nice Simon, mayor of Tabarre, filed a complaint on Wednesday. This should pave the way for legal proceedings against Yves Leonard. Continue reading

Mathematics training for Plateau Central teachers

80 teachers from various towns of the department of Centre gathered in Mirebalais and Hinche, from Tuesday Oct. 2 to Thursday Oct. 4, for a three-day training course on the use of teaching materials in Mathematics.
This action of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, through the Directorate of Training and Development is part of the support program for the development of didactic materials in Mathematics for student learning. Continue reading

Mexico will share military knowledge with Haiti during a four-day seminar

The Ministry of Defense, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, launched a training seminar at the Royal Oasis Hotel. Hosted by members of the Mexican military delegation, it includes “Civil Protection, Human Rights and Gender Equity”. In order to consolidate their bilateral security, defense and protection cooperation, these two countries intend to train public administration executives.

“Through this seminar, we will, in the context of the privileged relations between the two countries, transmit our knowledge and our experiences in order to contribute to the development and strengthening of the relationship between Haiti and Mexico,” said the lieutenant-colonel. Andres Calderon Fernandez, who believes he can achieve the objectives of this seminar. Continue reading

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