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BREAKING: Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump Administration From Ending TPS

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants who feared they could soon be facing deportation got a reprieve Wednesday, when a federal judge in California temporarily blocked one of the Trump administration’s major immigration moves. Continue reading 



Haiti tops the list of people imprisoned without conviction

A new Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report indicates that between 1999 and 2017, 79 percent of prisoners in Haiti were detained without being sentenced which according to the report is above the Latin American and Caribbean region average of 44 percent for the same period. Continue reading

Haiti Tourism Inc. Hosts The Tourism Innovation Summit In Cap-Haitien

Haiti Tourism Inc. is again partnering with Tourism Innovation Inc. to host the 2018 edition of Tourism Innovation Summit (TIS), which will be a gathering of different stakeholders in the tourism industry in a bid to discuss some of the most pertinent creative and technology-driven ideas to help move the industry forward. The international event is scheduled to hold from the 14th November to the 17th in the beautiful city of Cap-Haitien. Continue reading

Deputy Déus Deroneth denounces visa trafficking

The deputy of Marigot Déus Deroneth, unveiled to the press on Tuesday, Oct. 2, the existence of a network visa traffickers operating within the Ministry of the Interior.

These visas were intended for local elected officials, who had to travel to foreign countries to perfect their knowledge as part of a training program between the Haitian State, the US authorities and the Canadian authorities.

These visas are sold to individuals, some desperate who do not see their future in the country are extorted up to $4,000 for a visa, according to Déus Déroneth. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs protest and temporarily close their businesses.

The acts of banditry, robbery and rape are back in the Centre Department . Entrepreneurs, school directors, church leaders and community organizations have all come together to denounce acts of violence and insecurity in several town of the department. Business owners are attacked. Already five cases are registered. To protest, some entrepreneurs have decided to temporarily close their businesses. Continue reading

The government is working on 2018 – 2019 budget

The government is currently working on the budget for 2018/2019 and has made all the arrangements for it to be ready as soon as possible in Parliament announces Guichard Doré, special advisor of President Jovenel Moise. He explains that the new government must adapt the document that was delayed following the events of July. Continue reading

Appalled by the upsurge of violence in the country.

While October 2 marks the international day of non-violence, the Haitian Solidarity for the Defense of Human Rights is rebelling against an growth of violence in the country. It deplores the authorities’ passivity while insecurity is in several parts of the country. In recent months, the population of areas like Martissant, Bicentenaire, Arcahaie, to name a few, was again victims of banditry. Continue reading

Nice Simon, beaten by her companion, says she’s close to death

The pictures of Nice Simon with bruises on her back and left cheek, bite marks on the left shoulder, and her swollen right eye had the everyone’s attention on social media. “Yes, these photos are real. Yves Léonard, my son’s father, assaulted me Monday night between 11:30 pm and midnight. He tried to strangle me, slapped me and punched my head. I could have died, ” admit Nice Simon, actress, and current mayor of Tabarre, Tuesday late evening to the newspapers. Continue reading

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Haitian Roundtable Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Video Series

Haitian Roundtable Video Series: Mitchell Silver from The Hatian Roundtable on Vimeo.

In commemoration of The Haitian Roundtable (HRT) 10th anniversary celebrating a decade of redefining the narrative, HRT is premiering the “My Haitian-American Journey” video series, featuring leaders from the Haitian community, 1804 List Inductees and members of our board of directors. Continue reading


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