Haiti Tourism Inc. is again partnering with Tourism Innovation Inc. to host the 2018 edition of Tourism Innovation Summit (TIS), which will be a gathering of different stakeholders in the tourism industry in a bid to discuss some of the most pertinent creative and technology-driven ideas to help move the industry forward. The international event is scheduled to hold from the 14th November to the 17th in the beautiful city of Cap-Haitien.

The global tourism industry has grown in recent times, with more people appreciating the need to spend some time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Haiti and the Caribbean in general rank as one of the top destinations of travelers and tourists across the globe and this is not surprising considering the abundance of amazing attractions in the region. The Tourism Innovation Summit, otherwise known as TIS, is however put together to facilitate an exchange of ideas and resources that spur interest, inspire collaboration, and attract strategic investments in the Haitian tourism sector for its sustainable growth.

The event will feature practical examples and illustrations, serving as a platform for attendees to join 50 global and local tourism leaders and strategic partners, with participating leaders including Uber, Booking.com, CNN Travel, BBC Travel, Bureau Hospitality Group, Groupe Moural, Fatima Group expected at the event.

The smart and strategy-driven event built through the Haitian curatorial lens will allow participants to engage in conversations, listen to panels moderated by development actors and industry experts, and discover fresh initiatives within Haiti’s tourism sector.

The Tourism Innovation Summit is a 15 years enterprise of Haiti Tourism Inc. and Tourism Innovation Inc. and the 2018 edition of the event is held in partnership with other heavyweights in the industry that are looking to change the narrative in the Haitian tourism industry for the better. Some of the partners of this year’s edition include the City hall of Cap-Haitien, Cap-Haitien Chamber of Commerce, ATH (Association Touristique Haiti), OGDNH (Organisation de Gestion de la Destination Nord Haïti), Ayiti Nexus, DAGMAR, and the U.S. Embassy. Continue reading

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