Many Haitians have been able to change status

The population of Haitian TPS beneficiaries has changed from 59,000 to 25,500 today. Which means, according to the ambassador of Haiti in Washington, that many of our compatriots have changed their status in the United States. It also means, said Paul Altidor, that there are some who have not had time to renew TPS. But what is certain, he admitted in an exclusive interview Monday at the Nouvelliste in New York, the number of holders of the GST has decreased considerably. Continue reading

A new DG for the OAVCT

It is the new Minister of Economy and Finance, Ronald Décembre who proceeded on Monday to the installation of the new General Director of the Agency of Insurance against Vehicles Third Party, OAVCT. This inauguration of the new boss of the institution should put an end to more than a year of instability that had not prevented the OAVCT from achieving remarkable performances. Continue reading

New alert on the seismic threat

The director of the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME), Claude Preptit, sounded the alarm about seismic risks to the country.
He warns the authorities against the non-compliance with seismic standards in several regions of the country.

The BME Seismic Monitoring Unit monitors ground shaking throughout the country but is mainly concerned with the North, Fond Parisien and Anse a Veau. Continue reading

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