How IBM and Plastic Bank Are Using Blockchain to Boost Recycling in Haiti

The blockchain is helping clean up the oceans. That’s thanks to the efforts of Plastic Bank, a non-profit that pays people in developing countries for handing over recyclable plastic using a cryptocurrency-like token system. The team has already been operating in Haiti for the past three years, and now tells Inverse they’re planning on expanding the concept to other countries. Continue reading

Jovenel Moise flies to New York.

The president of the republic left the country  on Sunday to travel to New York where he will attend the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations. Jovenel Moïse accompanied by, among others, his wife and several ministers of the new government, will take advantage of his presence in the big apple to hold several bilateral meetings and participate in several summits on Haiti. Continue reading 

World Day of the Right to Abortion.

On the occasion of World Abortion Day, September 28th, the Collective in Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health is organizing a conference-debate at FOKAL on Friday, September 28 at 2:00 PM, on the theme of sexual and reproductive health of women. Haitian legislation on abortion, post-abortion care and the issues behind sexuality, pregnancy and motherhood will be addressed. Continue reading

5 years later…

Sept.23 marks 5 years since the Dominican Constitutional Court pronounced the genocidal judgment 168-13. According to a 2015 report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), this measure has thrown into statelessness more than 133,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent.
The naturalization law 169-14 of the Danilo Medina administration which was supposed to come to improve the fate of the victims, only complicates their situation more according to its restrictive character in terms of human rights. Continue reading

Decided to definitively solve the problem once and for all!

Anel Bruno installed at the head of the SNGRS (National Solid Residue Management Service) by the Minister of the Environment Mr. Joute Joseph. This new structure, which replaces the SMCRS in accordance with the law in force since March 2018, will enable the government to take a new step in the management and transformation of wretches in Haiti. Continue reading

For education!

SolidariTIK is a citizens’ initiative aimed to support the efforts of certain educational institutions with limited resources in the context of integrating digital technology into the education offered to students. These institutions will donate computers and digital tablets for their computer room, provided that they already have the space to receive and use the equipment and energy required for their operation. Continue reading

South Florida

Massive ‘Innovation District’ could change Little Haiti forever. But what would that mean?

Days before the Miami City Commission votes on a billion-dollar real estate project in Little Haiti, the debate around how the development will impact the neighborhood continues to intensify. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Art quake: Haitian exhibit shows art from ‘apocalyptic’ city

The show is Port-au-Prince charming!

A new exhibit in Red Hook showcases the diversity of Haiti’s urban artists. “Potoprens: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince,” on display at Pioneer Works until Nov. 11, features more than a dozen artists based in the country’s capital. Most outsiders have only a single vision of Haitian culture, but this show offers several distinct strands of art from Haiti’s most populous city, said the exhibit’s Haitian-American co-curator. Continue reading






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