In Haiti, Deadly Hurricane Brings New Life To Drought-Hit Community

Nearly two years ago today, I woke with a sickening feeling in my stomach. It was October 4, 2016, and my country, Haiti, was about to be hit by Hurricane Matthew, one of the worst storms the world has seen. Continue reading

Jean Henry Céant officially Prime Minister.

It took two marathon sessions where the parliamentarians unfolded their grievances, respectively in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, so that finally Jean Henry Céant, with a largely favorable vote in both chambers, becomes officially Prime Minister, after more than a month of consultations and negotiations with political parties. Continue reading

RSF demands to shed light on the disappearance of photojournalist Vladimir Legagneur.

“It is unacceptable that six months after his disappearance, neither the police nor the justice could bring new elements on this affair. This silence is a torture for the relatives of Vladimir Legagneur. The Haitian authorities are responsible for finding the photographer and determining the causes and the perpetrators of the disappearance, “said Emmanuel Colombié, RSF’s Latin America bureau director (Reporters Sans Frontieres), in a public note. Continue reading

A bus targeted at Martissant.

The spokesman of the PNH confirms that a public transport was targeted Sunday by bandits in the Martissant area. Commissioner Michel Ange Louis Jeune reveals that two people were injured including a police officer. The situation in this area is a real problem for the society says the spokesperson. Continue reading

The United Nations wants to improve the performance of peacekeepers.

At a special meeting on 12 September 2018, the Security Council discussed various initiatives to improve the performance of peacekeeping personnel. Nearly six months after launching the “Action for Peacekeeping” initiative, the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations has been scrutinizing the Security Council for measures taken to improve security. effectiveness of this emblematic pillar of the work of the United Nations, while stressing that peacekeeping will not succeed without the commitment and mobilization of all stakeholders, “starting with the Member States. Continue reading

PetroCaribe funds, really seems to be an issue.

It will not end up making headlines, ignite the web, social networks nor be the object of demonstrations, social movements, sit-ins, denunciations on artistic fashion, as evidenced by graffiti on the walls of public institutions showing a crying little girl asking for PetroCaribe’s money. The Petrocaribe affair is the subject that dominates the news and the political landscape. The supporters of the movements and the protesting citizens point out those who would have squandered, misappropriated, wasted funds, posting their pictures on posters or posters, mini videos, all posted on social networks. Continue reading

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