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Haiti: Jean Henry Ceant Should Take PetroCaribe Challenge Head On

Over the weekend, the Haitian parliament voted overwhelmingly for Jean Henry Ceant to lead as the country’s next prime minister. Legislators also ratified his cabinet, even though some had to pay their taxes retroactively and in the middle of the night in order to do so. I’m not making that up. Continue reading

New York

Defeat Paves Williams’ Way For Public Advocate

Although he was unable to secure the lieutenant governor seat, his potential ascension to public advocate has widespread implications for immigrant and communities of color across the city. The self-described activist, has long been a friend to the Haitian community, who comprises a significant portion of his district in central Brooklyn. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Miami Artist Nadia Wolff Explores Haitian Identity And Class In New Work

The BayParc Apartments in downtown Miami opened a space to artists through collaboration with the national nonprofit YoungArts.

The latest installation there is “A Place To Be Held” by Miami-native and 2016 YoungArts winner Nadia Wolff. She is currently studying textile art at the Rhode Island School of Design and African Studies at Brown University. Continue reading


Haiti-Dominican Rep. Trade Exceeded 888 Million Dollars In 2017

More than 90 percent of these resources corresponded to products imported to this country, while 36.61 percent, which includes items for fishing, tobacco, as well as equipment accessories, are exported to the Dominican Republic. Continue reading

Haiti Finally Has A New Government After Riots Over Fuel Prices

A well-known public notary who twice ran unsuccessfully for president became Haiti’s newest prime minister on Sunday after the Lower Chamber of Deputies overwhelmingly approved his political program and cabinet. Continue reading 

Six Months Later, Nothing Known About Haitian Journalist’s Disappearance

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the Haitian authorities to come up with answers for the family and colleagues of Vladjimir Legagneur, a freelance photo-journalist who went missing exactly six months ago today in the capital, Port-au-Prince. The investigation into his disappearance has ground to a halt, if one exists at all. Continue reading 

Red Cross(Croix-Rouge) needs 60 million gourdes from the state to improve its blood transfusion program

If we had not had a problem of availability of blood, we could have saved a lot of patients, said Dr. Bitar, surgeon, one of the leaders of the hospital Bernard Mevs. Inspired by his experience, the surgeon pointed out that more than 50 percent of his patients in a surgical emergency are dying because of the unavailability of blood. For Dr. Bitar, witness of the rarity of blood, “it is urgent to create a culture of blood donation in the country.” Continue reading

Nothing has changed.

The emergency center at Delmas 2 remains closed. The steps taken in recent days by the authorities to open the hospital have not led to much. Rental debts that have remained unpaid by the Haitian State. Continue reading

ALERT! Tropical storm: Isaac.

The Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) calls on the population to take into account the weather forecast in effect during the weekend of September 14 to 16, in the face of threats of rain, floods and ground movements, but also thunderstorms and gusts of wind in the country, during the passage of the tropical storm Isaac off the south coast. Continue reading

Tax fraud and double nationality.

With the exception of Minister of the Environment, Osner Richard accused of having a foreign passport, Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant and his cabinet were expected this Friday, August 14 in the Senate for approval of the policy statement. However, the Port-au-Prince government commissioner is threatening to prosecute all the ministers who made false tax declarations to the DGI. For him, it’s about tax evasion. Continue reading

On the occasion of the Smart City Congress (smart cities) three mayors of Haiti responded to the joint invitation of the Embassy of Haiti in Mexico and Smart City Latam.

In Puebla where these meetings were held, the Haitian city officials understood that their cities (Jacmel, Pilate and Cap-Haitian) should be at the height of the great challenges for a better management of their citizens as well as the quality of life of their cities. The organization of the parks, the circulation of the vehicles, the protected areas, the collection of the residues, the technological innovation were the subject of several debates during 3 days from September 11 to 13, developed by congress of the intelligent cities that organized Fira Barcelona of Spain and its Mexican subsidiary headed by Manuel Redondo. Continue reading

South Florida

Ambassador To Haiti Has A Message For Young Professionals In Miami

The U.S. ambassador to Haiti appealed for more engagement of the Haitian diaspora, telling a group young professionals in Miami that businesses in Haiti can benefit from their mentorship and knowledge as successful entrepreneurs. Continue reading 

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