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Haitians In America: Actress Pulls Inspiration From Haiti To Represent In Entertainment Industry

“To Haitian fathers, if you’re not a doctor, lawyer or, engineer you might as well be selling crack cocaine,” said Karina Bonnefil, but this didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams and becoming an actress. Inspired by the comedy show “Languichatte Debordus,” Bonnefil left her hometown of Port-au-Prince and went on to represent Haitian Culture in the Disney Movie “Exchange” and expand the Haitian presence in the entertainment industry. Continue reading

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Haitian Compas Festival Heads To Martinique

After 20 years of making Miami the mecca for Compas music in May, the Haitian Compas Festival is proud to announce the first ever Haitian Compas Festival in Fort-de-France, Martinique. Continue reading


Haiti Police Probe Deaths Of Six Members Of A Family

Haitian police have confirmed that the bodies of six members of a family were found in a house in Charrier, in the second communal section of Cap-Haitien on Sunday. Continue reading

Two alleged bandits killed by police in Pétion-ville

Two people riding motorcycles were shot dead early Wednesday afternoon by agents of the (PNH) National Police of Haiti, Haiti Press Network has learned. The bodies of the two victims were removed. Continue reading

In Cité Soleil, young people demand accountability for Petrocaribe fund management

A number of youth gathered in front Cité Soleil’s Court of Peace to show their support for the PetroCaribe movement. Continue reading

DGI installs new software at its Cap-Haitien Office

The Departmental Department of Northern Taxes thus becomes, after the Directorate of Taxable Means (DMC), implemented new software for operational management of taxes which is expected to extend by 2020 to all offices of the DGI. The Tax Management System (FMS) is expected to replace the Tax Solutions software, a donation from the Interamerican Tax Administration Center (CIAT), which has been in service for two decades and has demonstrated its limits. Continue reading

Formally denied!

“The PetroCaribe money that I stole, I invested it in Best Western, Marriott, NH El Rancho …,” said former president Michel Martelly in one of his shows. Accused of having, he and his relatives, poorly managed PetroCaribe funds, Michel Martelly wanted to make it clear that the money was used in the hotel development of the country; statements that indisposed the managers of these hotels. Maarten Boute, Réginald Boulos and Stanley Handal have formally denied the former president. Continue reading

Senate wants to verify the appointment of ministers

President of Haitian Senate Chamber, Joseph Lambert maintains his procedural requirements for the presentation of Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant’s policy statement. It requires that the presidential order forming the government and the records of all ministers and secretaries of state be forwarded to the Senate two days before the plenary session devoted to the policy statement. Continue reading

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