Haitians waiting to vote during 2015 elections. Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

Haitians emigrating to South America from their native country have traditionally chosen Chile as an adoptive home, based in part on its relative economic security. However, after President Sebastián Piñera revoked on-arrival tourist visas in April, the numbers have been dropping and those unable to stay in Chile have turned their gaze to neighbouring country Argentina.

Right-wing Piñera’s decision in April had immediate results, and since May, more Haitians are leaving Chile than entering the country, Economia y Negocios explained.

For those who do not wish to return home, Argentina is their new prospect. General Director of Legal Technique at the National Migration Management Group, Diego Enriquez, told Economia y Negocios that there had been an explosion of Haitians attempting to enter the country as tourists. However, Argentine authorities have been turning them away for not meeting the conditions required for being a tourist.

“We ask them a few simple questions; where they’re going to stay, their flight ticket, if they have any funds or a credit card, or if they have any relations or someone they’re coming to see,” he explained. “Faced with this simple interrogation, they cannot respond. It’s clear that they’re coming to Argentina not for tourism purposes, but rather to settle down or something else.” Continue reading

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