The Honorable Jovenel Moise

President of Haiti

National Palace

Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Dear JOMO,

I hope you don’t mind me using that name to address you at this time, but I thought given the nature of my letter, this term of endearment would be more appropriate. You know, non-Haitians that I meet across the globe have often asked me what can be done to solve Haiti’s problems. Over the years I’ve settled on a stock answer. I tell them – as well as Haitians who also wonder about this nagging issue – that once Haitians in Haiti decide that they want to bring about change, then you’ll see things begin to change.

JOMO, I am happy to say that that moment is upon us. Unprompted Haitians took to Twitter to articulate their displeasure about the missing billions in the Petrocaribe fund whose provenance has left millions of Haitians miffed. The hashtag, #PetrocaribeChallenge trended very well on Twitter.


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