South Florida

Little Haiti Is Caught Between An Immigration Crackdown And Climate Gentrification

On the streets of Little Haiti, resentment is brewing in the air. The bright, cheerful neighborhood booms with friendly banter and greetings between neighbors, even early in the morning on a Monday. But the lightest of conversations turns sour when the discussion shifts to the neighborhood’s booming development. Continue reading

Warped Lens

Jovenel Moise Owes Haitians Answers On Missing Petrocaribe Funds

Things are so bad for the average Haitian that they are willing to live anywhere, no matter how dehumanizing they may find their lives in their new land. Their reasoning is that things are worse for them in their homeland. That’s sad and I am sure it rips your heart to know that as president you are ruling over a people who would rather be anywhere but home. Continue reading


Austin Man Killed While Visiting Mother In Haiti, Relatives Say

An Austin man who traveled to Haiti to visit his mother was killed by unknown attackers shortly after he arrived on Aug. 13, according to relatives. Continue reading

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