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PetroCaribe: Twitter Campaign Highlights Corruption in Haiti

A few hundred demonstrators participated in a sit-in in front of the high court of auditors in the Haitian capital Friday, August 24, 2018, to protest the embezzlement of $2 billion of Petrocaribe funds. Photo Credit: Patrice Douge

Protester holding flyer featuring photo of former Haiti president, Michel Martelly. Flyer reads “Where’s the PetroCaribe money? Stop thieves.”

Haitians protesting in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Haitian citizens protesting against corruption in the government.

Protester holds sign that reads “We either live well together or we’ll perish together.”

Protester holding sign decrying embezzlement of PetroCaribe funds.

Protesters in the streets of Port-au-Prince decrying corruption in Haiti. 

Protesters rallying in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Protester holding sign that reads “Where’s the PetroCaribe money?”

Protester holds sign that reads “Capture and arrest them. The people demands to know where’s the PetroCaribe money.”

Protester holding a sign that reads “Where’s the PetroCaribe money?”

Angry protesters in the streets of Haiti.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Aug. 25, 2018

6 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “PetroCaribe: Twitter Campaign Highlights Corruption in Haiti”

  1. Jean Vertus says:

    If you are greedy enough to sell your. country for money.where are you going to live?Idiot. You need to start valuing your country So people can automatically blue you . Low class .So ,all of you want to die like Frank. Romain who took Haitian road equipments to Dominican Republic and later died like nobody .Chache met men nan figi nou ban San won’t

  2. Joe says:

    Sipan pale anpil, Se nou tout haitien kap viv aletranje ki pou sispann voye lajan haiti pandas 6 mois, pou yo pa jwnn $1.50 la epi nap gen yon ti souf. Si nou pat pati vin nan peyi etranje, fanmi nou tap tj ka manje .haiti se yon peyi agricol nap viv kanmenm.pran coeur, nap we si bagay yo pap chanje. Mwn menm , mwn deja komanse pa fe transfer Haiti anko. Please fe mesaj la pase.

    • Le Penseur71 says:

      Se yon solisyon ki pa reyalis. Sa timoun mwen yo ap manje? E frem yo. Kisa yap fe pou yo viv nan yon peyi san travay. E zanmim yo kiyes kap ede yo peye kay pou yo domi? An nou mete de pye n sou te.

    • Telly says:

      Mwen dakó ak kóman sa 200%, nou menm ki aletranje vi-n tankou esklav moun ki ayiti.

  3. Dopolo love says:

    Sa bon nou haitien renmin vote trop fatra Pou Mete nan pale ni mately ni jovenel ak majorite gwoup gang ki nan Palman pat dwe sou mou n koman tout kob sa ta gaspiye Pou jovenel ap defan vole parey li yo konsa
    Se paske se paske se yon ban n pov nap Mete nan pale Kom president.

  4. Jeff Hoogendoorn says:

    The Petro Caribe debacle is nothing but pure political graft. The money will never be found nor accounted for as long as Haiti’s justice system remains in tatters.

    The people deserve better than this. Haitians and the Haitian diaspora need to keep pressuring both the Haitian government and international players for an independent investigation into this crime.

    My fear is that in in demonstrating anger, (some) Haitians often do more to hurt their local economy and fellow citizens by causing damage to property, infrastructure, small business and the like. This is no better than the aggregious political undermining for which they are fighting against.

    Haitian activist and intellectual Madame Odette Fombrun (and her Foundation) espouses Konbitism which promotes peaceful and collective ideals of development, education and community engagement.

    In this light I hope that Haitians will keep pressure on those who lead them and hold them responsible and accountable. Ravet pa janm gen rezon devan poul (Roaches are never right when facing chickens).

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